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Week 22-California!, Day 6-San Diego Zoo


Guess what I got to see today?  No, not lions and tigers and bears.  More like baby giraffes, polar bears, and PANDAS!!!  This was my very first trip to the San Diego Zoo and my very first time ever seeing pandas in my entire life.  Both were well worth the wait.  K and I ventured out on this beautiful Monday morning to soak up some sun, get a little exercise, and see some fun animals.  Why does going back to the zoo as an adult always make you feel like a little kid again?  Being able to be that close to gorillas, fossas, and koala bears will never get old to me.  Thankfully places like the San Diego Zoo thrive off of donations from people like you and me and help us teach us to be young all over again.

There are so many great things about the San Diego Zoo that it’s hard to put into words how great it is.  I could go on and on about all the animals we saw today, but I’d rather tell you about all the really cool options you have to give back to the SD Zoo.  You can adopt an animals like a giant panda, polar bear, african elephant, or a cheetah.  You also have the option to fund new exhibits for the animals.  Seriously how cool would it be to walk into an exhibit an know that you are a part of building it.  If you live in the SD area you have the option of becoming a member of zoo, and being able to go whenever yo want.  SDZ also puts on these really great events like Walk on the Wild Side and Celebration for Critters which lets you eat, drink and be merry for a great cause!  I mean we all gotta eat at least a couple of times a day so helping animals out when we do is a win, win.  Giving back to a zoo is so important because it is really what keeps them operating from day to day.  So pick your favorite way and give to your little heart’s desire!

San Diego Zoo Donation

So here’s to you San Diego Zoo! You welcomed us with open arms to your beautiful grounds and made us feel right at home. The animals that live in you are unique and gorgeous beyond words. Thank you for helping us remember that at one time or another we all wanted to be a veterinarian when we grew up.

Week 14-Food Shows, Day 4-Ace of Cakes

I know what there are too many baking shows on TV to count these days but, Ace of Cakes paved the way for them all.  Sadly, the original bake-outrageous-cakes-for-various-real-and-made-up-occasions was canceled just this past month after ten fun loving seasons.  My friend Krap and I have discussed this several times and we are in total agreement that AOC was not just the first baking show, but was also way better than the competition.  Duff knows how to decorate a great cake, laugh at his own jokes, and give back to his community.  I love watching AOC and I’m thankful for the ten great seasons we got to share together.

That's one BIG cupcake!

Duff and company have been several really awesome charity based cakes but there are a couple that stand out.  Duff attempted to make the world’s largest cupcake back in 2008 to support the Great American Bake Sale.  He succeed but was later stripped of his title because he make the cupcake in two parts, which apparently is a no no.  He still helped to raise $10,000 dollars for Share Our Strength‘s GABS.  SOS uses innovative and fun programs like the GABS to get people across the nation involved in ending childhood hunger.  Do your coworkers love the chocolate chip cookies you bake from your grandmother’s recipe?  The next time you make them, just ask them to donate a dollar towards SOS.  A single benjamin can provide up to ten healthy meals for kids in need.  Ten for one sounds like a good deal to me.

Sugary flamingos for the zoo

Charm City Cakes has also made multiple cakes for The Maryland Zoo‘s annual Zoomerang fund-raising gala.  They are also making the third birthday cake for Samson, the elephant, again this year on the 19th of this month.  The zoo was originally named The Baltimore Zoo (the name was changed in 2004) and is the third oldest in the nation founded on April 7, 1876.  They work to educated and inspire visitors to support conservation of animals in their own backyards and those in more exotic locations.  Who doesn’t love a fuzzy face?

The Great American Bake Sale Donation

The Maryland Zoo Donation

So here’s to you Ace of Cakes!  You’ve shown us how to make eggs, flour, and sugar look like flamingos, crayon boxes, and Yoda.  You gave us ten great seasons of laughter, creativity, and clipboards full of orders to fill.  You reminded us how to have some fun and not take ourselves or our cakes so seriously.  And isn’t having a little fun what giving back in really about?  It sure feels a lot better to give away your time or money when you’re smiling! 🙂

Week 12-Places I’ve lived, Day 5-Liberty,NC

I can still remember the very first time we drove the 13 miles from our cozy, comfortable house in a very nice golf course community to the house in Liberty.  It was a renovated carpet and tile store and it lacked all the bells and whistles that I had grown accustomed to.  Plus it was 13 miles further from all of my high school friends, which in tenth grade really seems like 130 miles.  I may have not liked it then, but I’m definitely thankful for it now.  The house, the huge garden, and all the charm of the little town have all grown on me over the years.  Ironically, moving to Liberty, gave me just that.

Good 'ole Liberty

The actual town of Liberty may be small but there are some pretty big charities right around the corner.  The NC Zoo is only twenty miles away in Asheboro.  The zoo is supported by the non-profit, NC Zoo Society, which helps to raise funds through membership programs, annual planned-giving campaigns, and many other programs.  Formed in 1968 the NCZS works to conserve wildlife and their habitats across the globe, and help educate and inspire the public about the nature that surrounds them.  You can even support the society by adopting a ball python, chimp, elephant, or a puffin.  Of course by adopting you don’t get to take the animals home, but you do get exclusive photos of your animal and zookeeper’s notes.  You could be on the next big reality series, Zoo Moms 2.

Next stop, Victory Junction!

Victory Junction provides life changing experiences for children with chronic illnesses and other serious conditions.  VJ was built in honor of NASCAR driver Adam Petty and has served over 11,000 children since it’s opening in 2004.  VJ camp is on 84 acres in Randleman, NC which is only about 24 miles from Liberty.  Luke Bryan, Randy Houser, and Darius Rucker are just a few of the celebrities that support VJ and don’t mind saying so.  And Kansas City better watch out cause VJ is rolling in!

NC Zoo Society Donation or Adopt a fuzzy wild child!

Victory Junction Donation

So here’s to you Liberty!  I wasn’t so sure about you at first but you have turned out to be a city of refuge for me.  A place where I can go to recharge my batteries, take a nap, swing outside in the cool breeze, and always have a good home cooked meal.  You are a place where people wave to each other, know each other by name, and love giving back to their community as much as they love the community itself.

Week 2-People, Day 5-Wildlife Conservation Society

This summer I had the once in a lifetime, or twice for some people, opportunity to be a Teaching Fellow at the Bronx Zoo.  Even though the pay was not that great, and I was unable to take any type of summer vacation, I got to work with some really great people that will be my friends for life.  We were a motley crew for sure but we had a dynamic that kept us and the kids we taught laughing.  Our little holiday reunion last night in NYC reminded me how thankful I am for them, and the organization that brought us together for 11 weeks.

If it wasn’t for the Wildlife Conservation Society I would have never met all my fellow Fellows or had the great experience of teaching young minds about wildlife conservation.  This non-profit organization has been around for 115 years and helps supports over 500 conservation projects in 60 different countries, runs five different zoos/aquarium, and teaching millions of people each year about conservation.  Yea, they’re kind of a big deal.  Can you imagine a world without lions, or tigers, or bears? Oh my! By supporting the WCS you ensure that your kids, and their kids, and hopefully their kid’s kids will know and love wildlife.  You don’t even have to give any money to make a difference.  Below is a link where you can write your senator and urge them to support the Global Conservation Act of 2010.  I’m gonna write my senator right after I finish this blog!

Donate to Wildlife Conservation Society

Save the tigers!  Write your senator about the Global Conservation Act of 2010

So here’s to you Wildlife Conservation Society!  You help save tiger’s habits, save western lowland gorillas, and protect the lemurs in Madagascar.  Baba Dioum said it best, “In the end we will conserve only what we love. We will love only what we understand. We will understand only what we are taught.”