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Week 52-The Final Countdown, Day 7-You

That’s right, today I am thankful for you.  Yes, you.  If you are reading this blog for the first time or for the 352nd I am so thankful for you.  This little idea that I had while trying to fall asleep one night in New Jersey has been the biggest blessing I’ve experienced in longer than I can remember, and it’s all because of your support.  You were there to comment on my posts, encourage me to keep going, and give me ideas when my inspiration well was running dry.  Even though I love writing I would be lying if I said I didn’t care if anyone read my posts.  Luckily I have you to make sure that wasn’t the case.  Thank you.  I have no bigger words to express the gratitude I feel, but I have a feeling you know exactly what you mean to me.

Thank YOU!

I thought long and hard about the charities that I would write about today.  Here’s what I decided.  There is no one or two charities that could even come close to represent the diversity of reader support I’ve had over the past year.  So I’m not going to write about any charities today.  I’ve rambled on for the past year about one charity after another.  Hopefully you’ve learned a little something and been touched by at least one of them.  I know that both of those have happened to me everyday.  I’m pretty sure there are very few activities that you can do where you can learn and be moved every single day.  The real question is, now what?  Now that I’ve poured my heart and soul out to you, where do we go from here?  Yea I said we because I’m not on this journey alone anymore.  Do we make this a book or a movie?  In my dreams!  But I really would value your opinion on what becomes of Thanks-4-Giving.  So don’t be shy! 

So here’s to you!  Scott, Beth, Chris, Jane, Clay, Melanie, Kristina, Justin, Karen, David, Rachael, Kim, Richard, Eve, Al, Jean, Becky, Rico, Keri, Terry, Debra, Tim, Nancy, Richard, Lindsay, Paula, John, Jessie, Johnny, Logan, Connie, Matt, Garrett, Rachael, Luke, Kathy, Katy, Annie, Jimbo, Jonathan, Adam, Jen, Danica, Britten, Julia, James, Kellie, Jackie, Stephanie, Jessalyn, Tina, Debi, Amy, Jennifer, Jessica, Meredith, Whitney, Jodi, Devon, Abby, Ashley, and the million other people that I’m missing.  Thanks for being you, and supporting me.

Week 10-Groups of ten, Day 7-10 Mbps internet speed

It’s official.  This is my very first blog (from our computer) with our new internet service at our house in WV!  There needs to be an even bigger word for thankful to describe how grateful I am to be reunited with high speed internet in my home.  I’m not gonna lie, I’m also pretty thankful for the cable TV that I’m watching at the same time I’m typing this.  But if I had to pick one, it would definitely be the internet.  I mean who really needs cable when you have Hulu and the like?  The days of screeching dial up tones and snails pace internet are long gone.  Now all you need to save the world is wireless internet.  A cape never hurt either.

Blow your hair back fast

I can’t think of a more important time to have access to all the world and the people in it, than when a family is going through serious health challenge.  I know parents would do anything and go anywhere to help their child get better even if that meant leaving the rest of their family.  Caringbridge is a great organization that helps to ease the journey families go through during an illness by connecting them with their friends and family through a free website.  CB helps to eliminate repetitive phone calls, emails, and strenuous communications for families at a time when words may not come easy.  For fourteen years CB has provided a peace of mind through the simplicity of pictures, words, and html codes.  One Economy is also helping people by using the internet.  They are giving it to them for free to be exact.  OE works to maximize the power of technology to improve people’s lives and thus enter the economic mainstream.  OE provides free broadband internet to low-income people as well as employ young people to teach their community to use the latest technology effectively.  I bet Al Gore wishes he thought of this company too.

Caringbridge Donation

One Economy Donation

So here’s to you internet!  It’s so nice have you back at my fingertips.  Literally.  You have changed the world, and there are kids out there who have never known a life without you.  You are at colleges, at home, and even on phones.  Instead of cracking the spine of an encyclopedia Brittanica we open Google and search to our heart’s content.  No matter what speed your internet is, it’s always fast enough for you to stop by your favorite charity and say thanks.

Next stop, thank you town.