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Week 52-The Final Countdown, Day 5-Garage

Well the country roads have taken my back to the place where I belong in WV.  I loved being with my family and friends but there is something so wonderful about coming home to your very own house and sleeping in your own bed.  I also never knew how nice it was to have a garage until we moved into this townhouse.  My grandmother had one when I was growing up, but I was definitely too young to appreciate it.  Being able to unload all of our stuff out of the rain today when we got back was worth it’s weight in gold.  It still needs a little bit of TLC, but I know I’m only going to be more thankful for it in the winter months to come.  Plus, where else would we sell all of our old crap out of?

That looks about right...

The Good News Garage gives low-income families in New England an affordable and reliable transportation option.  GNG is different from other car donation charities because they try to repair as many cars as they can to provide them to others.  We need cars in this country to go shopping, go to work, and to get to the doctor.  Over the past fifteen years GNG has given away more than 3,800 refurbished vehicles.  GNG will also come and tow any car that is being donated for free, or you can drop it off any of their locations six different New England states.  Plus, more than 85% of people who received a vehicle from GNG said they experienced increased economic opportunity and improved quality of life.  Even though I’m sure the garage they use to fix up all these donated cars is way bigger than mine, without it, all of this good wouldn’t be possible.  The second best thing a garage is good for, storage!  I know even in the short time we’ve lived here we have lots of items that have found a home in the garage.  Charity Storage is a non-profit that had the bright idea to designate one storage unit for donated items at already existing storage facilities.  I think this is genius.  That means people who are currently renting storage units, people moving out of them,  and auction buyers (you know you’ve seen Storage Wars) are all able to donate any unwanted items right there on the spot.  Once the unit gets full its contents are auctioned off and the proceeds from the sale go to local and national charities.  The storage units already have the space, goodness knows we already have the stuff, so CS just organizes it all to benefit charities.  I have a love/hate relationship with ideas like that CS because they are so amazing, but I wish I’d thought of them first.

Good News Garage Donation

Charity Storage Donation

So here’s to you garage!  You’re there to make sure our groceries and our bags stay dry when it’s nasty outside.  You’re also pretty convenient when it’s a wee bit chilly outside.  You give us a place to store our Christmas decorations and old memories.  The building of many birdhouses, flower arrangements, and band practices have occurred in within your four walls.  You’re also awesome because of your cool door that opens at the touch of a button.  Thanks for giving us a little extra coverage that helps out in a big way.