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Week 40-All I needed to know, Day 5-I learned from my Mom

Labor Day weekend is all about the sales!  Mattress sales, dress sales, denim sales, and housewares sales.  One of my very favorite pieces of advise that my Mom gave me from a very early age is, “It aint on sale if you don’t got the money.”  You can’t tell me that you’ve ever heard truer words than that.  Growing up we always had to do chores and work for our allowance so I really learned to value a dollar.  I can vividly remember standing in front of the toy aisle calculating the tax to figure out if I had enough money to buy the one I wanted.  If I didn’t have enough money for what I wanted I would start to complain that it wasn’t fair and my Mom would usually break out her second favorite phrase, “Life’s not fair.”

Isn't she lovely?

So you might have guessed that I have not and will not be spending this Labor Day weekend shopping.  Luckily there are really fun charity events like the 5k Running Nuns that can occupy my time, or could if I lived in Portsmouth NH.  This will mark the 15th annual race to benefit the St. Charles Children’s Home where the nuns literally run for a cause, habits and all.  The Children’s Home takes in boy and girls who have been removed from their families by court order and in the care of the Department of Welfare.  These children have a lot on their plates to deal with, and can sometimes translate their unresolved emotions into violence.  The nuns began to teach the children healthy ways to release negative energy and emotions, and pretty soon they were all running on a daily basis together.  Just a couple of years late SCCH had a 5k to call its own, and the rest is history.  If you have money that is burning a hole in your pocket this holiday weekend, then try go to a consignment shop that benefits charity like 2nd Helpings in Roanoke, VA.  Turns out, they are even having a Labor Day sale too!  They have lots of clothes, furniture, collectables and even pet accessories.  2H also has a nice little cafe where you can relax and sip a tea if all that shopping has made you thirsty.  2H benefits the Rescue Mission Ministries that helps those in need everyday, not just when there’s a holiday weekend.

Running Nuns 5K Donation

Rescue Mission Ministries

So here’s to all the wonderful things my Mom has taught me over the years!  Money isn’t everything, but knowing how to be responsible with it sure does make life a lot easier.  Remember that money can’t buy you happiness, life isn’t fair, and it aint on sale if you don’t got the money.  Words to live by for sure…and put on some kind of sign to hang in your garage.

Week 39-What’s today again? Day 4-Shopping Saturday

I don’t know about you guys but my I usually reserve my Saturdays for sleeping in, drinking even more coffee than normal, and shopping baby!  It seems like the rest of the week I am either too tired or too unmotivated to get my behind to any type of store that sells anything.  I used to really only care about going shopping for clothes or fun things, but now even grocery shopping gets me pumped.  A full fridge at my house makes for a happy couple the rest of the week.  As we left Giant Eagle with a cart full of groceries today I was acutely aware of how lucky I am.  I’m thankful for the money to buy things I need, and the sense to leave the things I don’t on the shelves.

Some of my favorite grocery stores are the ones with awesome salad bars in them, like Whole Foods.  It used to be my jam to go there and get some fresh fruits and vegetables when I was nursing what you might call a “hangover” Sunday afternoon.  It turns out that WF is also one of the founding partners of the very cool Let’s Move Salad Bars to Schools Project.  SB2S has a vision of providing all of the children in schools with the option of having fresh fruits and vegetables every day for lunch.  I know you’re probably thinking that most kids would rather have a cheeseburger than a salad, and you might be right nine times out of ten, but if we can our children to start eating healthier for one meal a week then that’s a start.  Research has also shown that if you give children the choice, they are willing to try new foods and even incorporate them into their daily lives when they otherwise would have continued to chow down on greasy french fries.  Never forget, kids have the innate ability to surprise you.  Always.  Ten Thousand Villages was a little shop near NC State’s campus that I used to shop at from time to time in Cameron Village.  I even got a Secret Santa gift from there one year, and I still love it.  TTV is on a mission is to “create opportunities for artisans in developing countries to earn income by bringing their products and stories to our markets through long-term fair trading relationships.”  They have everything from jewelry to stationery from countries all around the world that is unique and adorable all at the same time.  You wanna know what the best part is?  They have an online store so you can shop from the comfort of you own home and support hard-working artisans with the money they deserve!  Winning!

Let’s Move! Salad Bars to Schools Donation

Ten Thousand Villages Shop…Buy something!

So here’s to you Shopping Saturday!  You’re the day when I get to break out my list of things I need and go crazy!  You’re also the day that I spend all my money, but you gotta spend money to make money right?  After 26, almost 27 years of shopping, I’m pretty sure I’ve figured out where my money is best spent on others on any given day.  Don’t worry, something for me seems to sneak in my cart every now and again. 😉

Week 35-Shop till ya drop, Day 1-Target

I can’t really think of anyone, especially someone with two X chromosomes, who hasn’t enjoyed shopping at some point in their life.  You go grocery shopping, furniture shopping, wedding and baby shower shopping, and the ever popular clothing shopping.  You know where you can do all that in one place?  Target!  I love, love, love Target.  I have for a long time and I’m sure I will continue to as well.  I mean seriously where else can you go to get a new purse and a gallon of milk at the same time?  And don’t even think of saying that store that starts with a W.  It doesn’t even compare.

Let’s just start off with a few numbers.  430,000.  That’s the amount of community service hours volunteered by Target team members.  Not court ordered like Lindsay Lohan.  76.  Number of libraries in schools that Target has completely made over.  3 million.  The amount of money Target gives back to the community every, single, solitary week.  If you’re not impressed then there may be no hope for you.  One of the great organization that Target teams with to rebuild school libraries is The Heart of America Foundation.  HOAF has provided children living in poverty with over 2 million library and take home books, and have engaged volunteers in more than one million hours of service.  Now you can see why they would want to team up with Target for these makeover projects.  Since 1997 they have uniquely promoted volunteering and literacy.  HOAF has also received several accolades in the philanthropic community, and were featured on Oprah last year.  That’s how you know you’ve made it big folks.  Target is also actively involved in improving the well-being of the people in their communities.  Starting last year Target has sponsored bike kiosks and programs for the non-profit Nice Ride Minnesota.  NRM is the largest bike-share program in the United States.  Let’s face it, bikes can be expensive.  NRM gives pedestrians an eco-friendly way to get from point A to point B without breaking the bank.  You can get a subscription for a bike for a day, a week, a month, or even a year.  They are like the Netflix of biking.  You can rent a bike when you need it and return it to any kiosk when you’re done.  The health and environmental benefits to biking around town are endless, so I won’t bore you with them, but be sure and remember that the next time you’re in the twin cities.

The Heart of America Foundation Donation

Nice Ride Minnesota Donation

So here’s to you Target!  You’re the place my husband knows with no uncertainty that we can never spend less than 30 minutes in on any given trip.  You are also the place where I pursue bathing suits, stilettos, CD’s, frying pans, cotton balls, and digital cameras.  You may have started off as a place that I love for its cool displays and trendy clothes and accessories, but now everyone knows that you’re here for good!

I think I will!

Week 19-Letters, Day 4-S

Oh sweet, sweet Saturday I am so happy to see you!  You seem to show up just when I need you the most.  You help us remember how to relax, do something fun, and forget about the worries of the work week.  You give us an excuse to watch a Sex and the City marathon, Star Wars VI-Return of the Jedi, or the first season of Sons of Anarchy.  Saturdays are also great for getting around to all of those other household chores the weekdays never let you finish, or volunteering for you favorite charity.  Saturdays are just splendid, no matter how you spend them.

The Alex who stared it all (

I remember being a little kid setting up a lemonade stand in front our house on a Saturday trying to make a few extra bucks.  Our road really wasn’t prime time lemonade stand property, but it was always fun and got us out of the house.  Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation was started in 2000 by a brave four year old little girl, named Alex, who was suffering from neuroblastoma.  Her first lemonade stand raised over $2,000 to help fund cancer research so doctors could “help other kids, like they helped her”.  Even as she was battling her own cancer, she continued to her lemonade stand in her front yard every year and the new spread about this brave little girl.  Lemonade stands were set up across the country and people donated their proceeds to Alex and her cause.  ALSF has raised over $40 million to help fund research for childhood cancers, and helped fund over 150 cutting-edge projects.  Even though Alex passed away in 2004 at the age of eight, her family and her supporters have made sure her legacy continues to live on today, tomorrow, and beyond.  Another thing that I really, really, really love to participate in that starts with S is shopping.  Most people, and especially women, can totally relate to this.  Endorse For a Cause lets you shop and give back to your favorite charity at the same time.  In case you haven’t picked up on it I’m a big fan of charities that let me shop and be philanthropic simultaneously.  EFAC knows that we all want to make a difference with our lives, and supporting great causes like Feeding America or the American Cancer Society is now as easy as buying a new pair of stilettos.  Become a member of EFAC and share your favorite retailers and products with your friends by tweeting or updating your status and a part of the money you (and your friends) spend goes to the charity of your choice.  There’s only one word for how great that is. Sweet!

Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation

Endorse For a Cause Donation (Sign up today and share!) And check our Marie Claire for more gifts to benefit charities

So here’s to you S!  Sundaes, soccer, salmon, Scrabble, Saturday and Sunday also really appreciate you starting them off.  Wheel of Fortune thinks you’re pretty special too because you’ll always a freebie in the last puzzle.  Spring and summer couldn’t start off on the right foot without you, and a game of chess needs you to end.  Be sure you think about the ‘ole important crooked letter as you enjoy your Saturday evening and your Sunday morning.  See ya tomorrow!