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Week 44-Rocktober, Day 7-Viva Pasta!

After a long day of class, teaching, and studying I can’t even describe how awesome it was to come home to a warm bowl of pasta.  First, my husband is amazing.  Second, he makes the best pasta ever and anyone who’s had it will attest to that.  Apparently we aren’t the only ones who love pasta, because Americans consumes 20 pounds of pasta annually.  The love for pasta runs so deep that the entire month of October is dedicated to it.  So raise your forks and toast the delicious bowl of carbs that we just can’t seem to live without.

You may not believe this, because I didn’t until I read it, but there is actually a National Pasta Association.  Their mission, increase the consumption of pasta.  Ok so they also act as a center of knowledge for the industry and and promote the creation of sound public policy.  Basically they are pasta’s biggest cheerleader.  NPA also has a huge library of pasta shapes to help you pair the perfect pasta to your favorite sauce for the next covered dish supper.  Pasta always seems to get a bad wrap of being loaded with carbohydrates and something we should put on our “do not eat” list.  It turns out that all not only is pasta good for you in moderation, but we also eat it most times with fiber-packed vegetables and beans, heart healthy fish, and antioxidant-rich tomato sauce.  All those things are fantastic, but we all know the best part about pasta is the comfort it provides.  Pasta also reminds me how blessed I am to have food in my belly at all.  I don’t have any memories of going to bed hungry, and Feed The Children has the same mission.  Founded over 30 years ago, FTC gave over 133 million pounds of food and essentials to those in need in 50 states and countries around the world.  Even though FTC has helped countless children, there are still 12 million American kids who are at risk of going hungry tonight.  The drought and famine occurring in the East African and the Horn of Africa has taken the lives of more than 29,000 children under the age of 5.  It breaks my heart to even type that, and it makes me want to pack up the delicious pasta in my refrigerator and ship it to Africa.

National Pasta Association Donation

Feed The Children Donation

So here’s to you my precious pasta!  You have been my favorite food for as long as I can remember, and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.  I’m lucky enough to have a wonderful husband who loves you as much (or maybe even more) as I do.  Thankfully I know where to get you, how to cook you, and mostly importantly how to share you with those around me.  Look out friends, the pasta is coming for you!

What? This isn't how you eat pasta?

Week 44-Rocktober!, Day 6-Let’s celebrate drug dealers!

Yea I bet that title got your attention huh?  I don’t mean those drug dealers on those bad corners in the big cities, I mean your local pharmacist who helps you combat your common cold.  It’s only right to celebrate American Pharmacist Month!  This was another topic that just fell into my lap as I was taking a break from all my school work and playing on good ‘ole Facebook.  I love the time I worked for the School of Pharmacy at WVU, and gained an incredible appreciation for how tough becoming a pharmacist really is.  Obviously I’m having a little fun with my blog title today, but I’m so thankful that there are pharmacists out there keeping me safe when I am taking prescriptions.  Plus, drugs aren’t cheap so it’s good to have friends with perks.

The challenges of being chronically ill are a mile long, but one thing those patients should never have to worry about is being able to make their premiums or co-payments.  Patient Services Inc. saw this need back in 1989, and decided to do something about it.  They help provide a “safety net”, and a real piece of mind to the people who need it the most.  PSI also helps patients locate the right insurance for them that gets them the most bang for their buck.  Shopping around for insurance can be confusing, frustrating, intimidating, and discouraging.  PSI really tries to eliminate all of this negative energy and help patients have a positive experience with insurance and health care in general.  The PSI payment card is accepted at over 59,000 pharmacies across the nation (and growing).  I’m sure that would make any pharmacist proud.  I can’t write this blog without talking about the great students and staff at the WVU School of Pharmacy here in Morgantown.  They have been leading the way in teaching pharmacy students, research, and patient care for nearly 100 years.  WVU SOP is educating their students with the knowledge and experience they need in order to conquer and prevent diseases affecting the state, nation, and even the world.  WVU SOP students are also out there volunteering for multiple local and national charities every semester.  Seriously, they are a good bunch of apples.

Patient Services Inc. Donation

West Virginia University School of Pharmacy Donation

So here’s to celebrating our friendly neighborhood pharmacist!  They are there for us for our regular prescriptions, new ones, and even when we don’t want to take what we’ve been prescribed.  They smile, hand us our little bag, and send us on our merry way.  Pharmacists are the glue that keeps our world of sickness, mental health, and emotional stability together.  Thanks for making sure we don’t fall apart no matter what life throws at us.

Week 44-Rocktober!, Day 5-Let’s ALL party!

Party is a word that I will not be saying or participating in this week until both my exams are over on Thursday.  Yes, you indeed read that correctly.  I have two exams on Thursday, two assignments due on Tuesday, and a presentation on Tuesday.  I know you wish you were me, don’t lie.  So needless to say, today has been devoted to grading papers, and creating my presentation.  I did wake up to great surprise of a new Twitter follower, Eliminate Prejudice, who are all about getting everyone together no matter what age, race, religion, or gender they might be.  It also happens to be LGBT History Month.  I’m always thankful when blog topics just fall into my lap!

Oh, hey there LGBT History Month!

Before I started this blog I never really thought a lot about the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) community.  Obviously I knew they were a strong group of individuals, but I never realized how many non-profits like Eliminate Prejudice were out there.  EP helps people address the underlying issues that prevent progress in their relationship.  They’re not afraid to dig deep and get to the root of the problems that we always want to avoid, and create real, lasting change in communities.  Over 40 campuses across the country have almost 1,000 active members in this uniting movement.  Check out the video below from the 2011 EP video contest winner.  Something to be proud of for sure. Speaking of pride, we all know that the LGBT community has got boat loads of it.  The Pride Foundation was founded in 1985 by four concerned citizens of Seattle who thought that they LGBT community could use their own philanthropic organization.  Over the past twenty plus years they have raked in more than 8 million dollars to help build equality for their community.  PF’s vision for a world that honors diversity, fosters mutual respect, and truly celebrates complete equality has inspired thousands of people to join in their fight.  I may not technically be a part of the LGBT community, but who doesn’t love equality?

Eliminate Prejudice Donation 

Pride Foundation Donation

So here’s to ALL of us getting our party on!  I’m not even going to waste any of our time with my witty last paragraph.  Take that extra 30 seconds and get down with your bad self.

This guy knows how to party

Week 44-Rocktober!, Day 3-Stop, drop and rock and roll!

I realize this is the second day in a row I have posted my blog late, but tonight I have a good reason.  Really I do.  Tonight I got to experience my very first Buckwheat Festival!  For those of you who don’t know what buckwheat cakes are, they are exactly like pancakes but they are made with buckwheat instead of regular flour wheat.  And let me tell you, they are delicious.  Especially when they have two scrumptious sausage patties on top.  All you can eat buckwheat cakes for 8 bucks, and the profits help support the Kingwood Volunteer Fire Department, which is perfect because October is National Fire Prevention Month!  Stop, drop, and eat some buckwheat cakes.  Or roll, whatever.

Yummm buckwheat cakes

Sparky himself

You don’t need me to tell you that fire prevention is a pretty important thing.  The National Fire Protection Association works to reduce the burden that fires can put on our quality of life.  With more than 110 years of experience under their belt, NFPA is the real deal.  They are also responsible for 300 codes and standards that are designed to minimize the risk and effects of fire by establishing criteria for building, processing, design, service, and installation in the US.  Yes that sounds boring to read, and even to type, but I feel safer being after reading that.  Plus NFPA has figured out that having an adorable mascot is helpful and good for getting the kids interested in staying safe.  NFPA has also provided teachers and parents with all the fun activities they need, right online.  Volunteer firemen spend so much time protecting us and the things that mean the most to us, but who protects them?  Well, the National Volunteer Fire Council does!  NVFC is on a mission to provide a united voice for volunteer Fire/EMS organizations.  Almost 75% of all firefighters in our countries are volunteers.  What does that mean for our country?  It means these brave individuals save us an estimated $1.28 million dollars a year, and they provided us peace of mind.  NVFC goes beyond the field and supports the interests of state and local chapters at the national level, as well as with Congress and other federal agencies.  They’ve got all the bases covered.

National Fire Protection Agency Donation 

National Volunteer Fire Council Donation 

So here’s to stopping, dropping, and rolling!  We learned about you for the first time way back when we were in elementary school.  You rhyme, you’re easy to remember, and you really do help save lives.  You’re also proof of what I’ve been preaching since the beginning of this blog.  Sometimes the simplest things in life are the most effective.  Thanks for being so catchy and saving our lives.  Personally, I think these are equally important.

Week 44-Rocktober, Day 1-Let’s celebrate boobies!

Yes I realize that we September still has a couple of days left but this week is all about celebrating the awesomeness of October.  There are so many rocking causes and charities that are celebrated during this upcoming month.  Probably the biggest and most well-known celebration in October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Monthalso known as Pinktober.  I have not ever known anyone personally with breast cancer, but I know it affects millions of people every year.  I love my boobies.  I can’t imagine my life without them, and I’m thankful for them every morning I get dressed and walk out the door.  Hopefully they make someone else’s day as well. 🙂

That's just not true Bart!

What better way to celebrate breast cancer awareness than throwing a huge party?  Hard Rock figured this out about 12 years ago when they decided to host their first Pinktober shindig.  HR also puts out the message of hope that “the answer is out there, together we’ll find it”, which I strongly agree with.  We have chipped away at the causes and possible cures for breast cancer more and more each year, and that will only continue as generous donors support this innovative research.  Hard Rock also knows how much their patrons love their apparel so a portion of the proceeds from the sale of any Pinktober merchandise goes directly to breast cancer research.  HR is even decking out some of their rooms pink, and donating 25% of the room rate to breast cancer research.  Several different organizations will benefit from all the Pinktober campaign including the Caron Keating Foundation, a family run non-profit honoring Caron who lost her battle with breast cancer.  There are so many great charities out there who support research, but I really like The Rose because they focus on the less sexy but just as important aspect of screening, diagnosis, and early treatment regardless of their ability to pay.  Yes, you read that correctly, their life-saving services are free to low-income uninsured women.  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that cancer doesn’t discriminate on age, sex, or income.  A rose by any other name might smell as sweet, but it wouldn’t be as generous.

Buy some Pinktober swag or donate to the Caron Keatng Foundation 

The Rose Donation

So here’s to you boobies!  We all know what you are and I think for the most part we’d all like to keep you around.  You come in all sizes, shapes, and colors.  I could go on and on, but really you need no introduction or explanation.  Thanks for giving us a reason to tie one on and kick cancer’s butt!

Tie on those pink ribbons ladies and gentlemen!