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Week 42-Lucky Number, Day 7-13

You really didn’t think that I would go this entire week writing about lucky numbers and skip out on ‘ole number 13 did you?  I really have nothing against 13, but there are lots of superstitious people out there who do.  13 is also that age where boys and girls no longer think that the other has cooties, and Bar and Bat Mitzvahs are thrown in their honor.  Most students are also transitioning from middle to high school during 13, and trying to find their place in the world.  Some hotels may not have 13th floors, but I would miss my baker’s dozen if there were no 13.

Six days before I turned 13 I lost my grandmother, and I’ve missed her everyday since.  Even though no one can replace her or even come close, the International Council of 13 Grandmothers is there to make sure the world is a better place for all of us.  In the fall of 2004 a group of very wise women gathered in upstate New York to form a council that protects Mother Earth.  Their mission is to represent a global alliance of prayer, education and healing for us all for the next seven generations to come.  The unprecedented destruction of Mother Earth and the destruction of indigenous ways of life deeply concerns the 13 grandmothers, and they believe the teachings of those who came before is will light the way through an uncertain future. 13G’s achieve their mission through projects that protect the diverse cultures: lands, medicines, language and ceremonial ways of prayer, as well as educate and nurture children.  No matter what your background is, everyone can appreciate the sentiment of taking care of the planet that takes care of us on a daily basis.  This next charity has nothing to do with the number 13, but I just saw a commercial for it while blogging and was inspired by the simplicity of their mission.  Krochet Kids International began with three snowboarders in high school who wanted some unique hats to wear out on the slopes.  Pretty soon their friends started to take notice, and began to place custom orders and they were featured in their hometown newspaper.  Years went by and the boys realized that what they once thought of as a silly little hobby was actually  life-changing skills for  many people around the world.  By teaching women in Uganda how to crochet hats and sell their products they are accomplishing their mission to empower power to rise above poverty.  KK provides these women with a job to meet their immediate needs, educate them so they can evolve past the need for any aid, and provide mentorship to help them plan a better future.  Who knew a hat could do all that, and they’re actually pretty cute too.

International Council of 13 Indegenious Grandmothers Donation 

Krochet Kids Donation (aka buy a sweet hat for fall and winter!)

So here’s to you 13!  Some people think you’re lucky and others think you’re the exact opposite.  I don’t really have an opinion either way, I’m just glad you started off my teenage years right.  There would be no rugby teams, or epic Tom Hanks movies about us missing the moon if you weren’t around.  Jennifer Garner was 13 going on 30, but I think I’ll stick to 13 going on thankful.

Hmmm what should I be thankful for today?

Week 42-Lucky Number, Day 6-4

Happy Monday everybody!  Even though Monday does is not even in the running for my favorite day of the week, today really wasn’t so bad.  It would have been a lot better if I was only at school/work for 4 hours, but that as not their case either.  I did do a hormone assay to look at progesterone that took me 4 hours to complete, and it went really well, at least I think it did.  Tomorrow when I read the results then I will know for sure.  Most of us never knew there was a number after three when we were growing up.  Three meant that 5 fingers were coming our way, but the discovery of you between them was quite a nice surprise.  

I think our little four-legged friends would also agree that they can’t imagine their lives without numero cuatro.  4 Paws For Ability is a non-profit with a mission to improve the lives of disabled individuals by putting highly trained service dogs in their lives to give them companionship and make independent living a way of life.  It gets even better.  4PFA also helps promote the use of service animals in public places.  And my favorite part of 4PFA, is the fact that they assist with animal rescue by getting as many of the service dogs as possible from shelters and rescue groups.  I just think it’s such a cool concept that these dogs who are so desperate for a home not only find one, they end up actually saving the life of their owner.  4PFA is also unique because the responsibility of the funding of these service dogs actually falls on the shoulders person who needs the dog.  4PFA helps in many way to raise funds and help applicants, but putting the ball in their court gives them a totally different perspective on what it takes to train a service dog.  Okay, enough about puppies let’s get 4Real.  MTV has cornered the market on what happens when people stop being polite and start getting real, but 4Real shows what happens when individuals are connected with people, projects, and tools and start making change real.  4Real  TV Series follows celebrities, like Cameron Diaz and Mos Def, on their journeys across the globe to meet young people who are making changes a reality even in the worst of circumstances.  4Real School is all about using those journeys to teach young people in middle and high school.  Seeing those famous faces talk about poverty, human rights, and the environment can truly impact a tween and teenager.  Goodness knows most of them aren’t’ listening to their parents.  4Real also offers a refreshing take on raising money for causes.  They have partnered with Groupon to create the 4Real Deal, which donates 2.5% of your special Groupon purchase to a charity of your choice.  Yea, it’s really awesome.  Thank goodness 4 collaborations.

4 Paws For Ability Donation

Get a 4Real Deal or Get the Facebook App

So here’s to you 4!  You’re half of 8 which already gives you a leg up on a lot of other numbers for me.  I also love me some 4-Square and Connect-4.  Let’s not forget the about all the little girls hearts who would be broken if you weren’t there to make writing 4ever, 4life and bff 4 ever possible.  Thanks 2 you charities can never be 4gotten.

Week 42-Lucky Number, Day 4-3

Why 3 today you ask?  It is just happens to be because West Virginia University’s football team is now 3 and 0 as they face big time LSU next weekend.  I love college football, and today has been one of those lazy watching football Saturdays with the cool fall air pouring in the windows.  My brother played football growing up so it was a staple in our household over the years.  Heck, I even wanted to play when I was little.  Anybody who’s seen Little Giants can understand why.  Fall is my favorite season and the fact that football season is in full swing during the autumn months only adds to my favoritism.  Thank you fall and football for stealing my heart.

You might not think so, but the one and only D, O, double G has his very own youth football league.  Snoop Youth Football League teaches children about leadership and team building, and keeps their little minds and bodies busy at the same time.  Over 1,300 kids from the L.A. were a part of the first season of the SYFL six years ago back in 2005.  Just this season the SYFL has expanded to Nevada and Chicago because of the great sportsmanship and conduct that is upheld and taught within the league.  Football is a great sport for kids to learn because it teaches them several important skills to be successful throughout their lives.  It shows them how competition can be healthy, how to fight fair, and the how to stay healthy and relieve stress on the field.  The only thing kids love more than playing sports, is meeting their favorite athletes in person and hearing their story.  Sports World is a non-profit that sends former professional athletes to talk to students about making good decisions and understanding the consequences of their actions.  For over 30 years SW has influenced children to make positive life choices and seek help for the problems they find themselves facing as they grow up.  Steve Grant was a linebacker for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (and a WVU alumni I might add) who is one of about a dozen pros who now speak to students for SW.  From what I’ve seen lately, and what I experienced in high school, kids need all the guidance they can get!

Snoop Youth Football League Donation

Sports World Donation

So here’s to you 3!  The Musketeers, Stooges, and Amigos wouldn’t be the same without you.  Sometimes you can create a crowd, and you are the culprit of middle child syndrome, but we love you anyway.  You may not be first or second, but you still get us up on that podium at the Olympics.  You’re also how many times it takes to be a lady, and no trilogy would be complete if you were missing.  And thanks for giving us a the unforgettable combo of giving back, thinking about others, and making a difference in the world.

Yes, you!

Week 42-Lucky Number, Day 2-1

Today’s lucky number is one because that is the number of little boys that K will be having in February!!!  I was waiting for my phone to ring for like an entire hour today waiting to hear what the sex of baby Bunting was.  I had placed my bets down on the pink end of the baby spectrum, but this is the one time I’m happy to be wrong.  One is also one of my favorite numbers because I am just a little competitive.  Be sure you and read the sarcasm here.  One can also be the loneliest number, but that’s what’s happen when you’re at the top.  Thankfully, when your number one priority is helping others you’re never alone.

Sweet baby boy!

Something that I would love to see in my lifetime, or even my children’s lifetime, is peace.  Peace One Day knows what a challenge that would truly be.  So instead of aiming to end all the violence in the world forever, they challenge that for one day everyone puts down their weapons avoid all types of violence.  POD works through film, education, sports, live events, and through you to make peace their number one priority.  Just last year on Peace Day, which was the 21st of September, all 192 UN member states, and 28 organisations carried out 88 humanitarian activities across 31 countries.  That is something to really be proud of, and guess what?  You can be a part of Peace Day 2011 because it’s on September 21st again this year.  If you think that 1 person can’t make a difference, then you’re wrong.  POD has plenty of suggestions for individuals who want to get in on this peace train.  The charity 1% For the Planet had me sold when their “About Us” blurb starts with the line, “To be perfectly honest, it’s not about us.”  I’m totally adopting that as my new philosophy.  1% knows that the key to fixing some of the problems facing our planet is businesses realizing that they are connected to ecology no matter what.  Since 1% was founded in 2002, they have inspired thousands of businesses to donate a measly 1% of their profits to environmental organizations around the world.  I have a feeling they probably didn’t even notice.  I want to keep Earth in business as long as we can.

Peace One Day Donation

1% For the Planet Donation

So here’s to you 1!  You’re the first number we learn as we grow up, and the one we can never forget as we grown old.  You make us feel like a winner, and help us remember that even if we are on top that someone helped us get there.  I can’t wait to welcome one very special boy next year, but in the meantime, I’m going to focus on number one.  Those in need.