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Week 40-All I needed to know, Day 5-I learned from my Mom

Labor Day weekend is all about the sales!  Mattress sales, dress sales, denim sales, and housewares sales.  One of my very favorite pieces of advise that my Mom gave me from a very early age is, “It aint on sale if you don’t got the money.”  You can’t tell me that you’ve ever heard truer words than that.  Growing up we always had to do chores and work for our allowance so I really learned to value a dollar.  I can vividly remember standing in front of the toy aisle calculating the tax to figure out if I had enough money to buy the one I wanted.  If I didn’t have enough money for what I wanted I would start to complain that it wasn’t fair and my Mom would usually break out her second favorite phrase, “Life’s not fair.”

Isn't she lovely?

So you might have guessed that I have not and will not be spending this Labor Day weekend shopping.  Luckily there are really fun charity events like the 5k Running Nuns that can occupy my time, or could if I lived in Portsmouth NH.  This will mark the 15th annual race to benefit the St. Charles Children’s Home where the nuns literally run for a cause, habits and all.  The Children’s Home takes in boy and girls who have been removed from their families by court order and in the care of the Department of Welfare.  These children have a lot on their plates to deal with, and can sometimes translate their unresolved emotions into violence.  The nuns began to teach the children healthy ways to release negative energy and emotions, and pretty soon they were all running on a daily basis together.  Just a couple of years late SCCH had a 5k to call its own, and the rest is history.  If you have money that is burning a hole in your pocket this holiday weekend, then try go to a consignment shop that benefits charity like 2nd Helpings in Roanoke, VA.  Turns out, they are even having a Labor Day sale too!  They have lots of clothes, furniture, collectables and even pet accessories.  2H also has a nice little cafe where you can relax and sip a tea if all that shopping has made you thirsty.  2H benefits the Rescue Mission Ministries that helps those in need everyday, not just when there’s a holiday weekend.

Running Nuns 5K Donation

Rescue Mission Ministries

So here’s to all the wonderful things my Mom has taught me over the years!  Money isn’t everything, but knowing how to be responsible with it sure does make life a lot easier.  Remember that money can’t buy you happiness, life isn’t fair, and it aint on sale if you don’t got the money.  Words to live by for sure…and put on some kind of sign to hang in your garage.

Week 30-Back to Basics, Day 7-Money

Even though I hate to admit it money is a basic of life.  It’s how we buy groceries, live in our houses, drive our cars, and give back to our favorite charities.  And even though it may be the root of all evil, it sure is a heck of a lot better than carrying around clams to trade.  Sure, there are a lot of things you can do in this life without money but you can do even more with it.  We had a great meeting today with a financial adviser about our planning for our future, including our retirement which was really obscure to think about, but it made me realize how thankful I am for money.  Even when all we have is cents and not dollars, it’s a good day.

Even though I wouldn’t recommend gambling your hard-earned dough, Ante Up For Africa is a great way to wet your poker whistle.  Founded by Don Cheadle, Annie Duke, and Norman Epstein founded this non-profit and poker tournament to help raise not only money, but also awareness for Africans in need.  AUFA helps support organizations that are making a tangible effect on the ground in Africa.  Refugees International, Enough Project, and Darfur Peace and Development are the charities that benefit from half the winnings of the celebrity poker players.  Since it began in 2006 AUFA has helped to raise over $3 million to fund its quest to find a permanent end to conflicts like those happening in Africa.  AUFA believes that solutions are possible, but it takes moola to make them happen.  Over 300,000 innocent people have died in Darfur.  That just goes to show you that a little pocket change can make a big difference.  Robin Quivers of The Howard Stern Show is no stranger to money, or giving it to worthy causes.  As the founder of the 15 Foundation, she knew she wanted her radio talk-show earned money to go to causes that are really making a difference.  Even though 15 only began in March of 2010, they have raised over $150,000 in that short time.  I love 15 because we share a common goal; to spread the word and support the charities out there in the trenches getting life-changing work done.  It can be easy to forget that it’s always possible to have too many Chiefs and never possible enough to have too many Indians.  There is nothing more basic than getting behind the charities you believe in and donating your bones to them.

Ante Up For Africa Donation

15 Foundation Donation

So here’s to you money!  There’s really only one thing left to say, give big or go home.

Did somebody say give big?

Week 13-The Oscars, Day 4-Actress in a leading role

Let’s’ face it, behind every really good movie there is usually an awesome actress.  The women who are nominated this year are beautiful, talented, and extremely giving.  Natalie, Nicole, Michelle, Jennifer, and Annette are all in the running for a tiny little gold man and a lifetime of bragging rights.  Sometimes they are mothers, sometimes daughters, and other times ballet dancers, but I’m always thankful for them.  No matter who they end up playing in the movies, these women play an even bigger role off screen.  Giving back.

FINCA Ambassador Natalie Portman

There are two women who seem to be heading up the pack in this race for best actress.  Natalie Portman may be raking in dollars hand over fist but she’s the first to realize how lucky she is.  Natalie helped launch the Village Banking Campaign for the non-profit Foundation for International Community Assistance, FINCA.  FINCA works to provide financial assistance to low-income entrepreneurs so they can create jobs, build assets and improve their standard of living.  Since their inception in 1984 they have helped hundreds of thousands of people in over 21 different countries.  FINCA has been lending a helping hand in Haiti for over 20 years, long before the earthquake in 2010.  FINCA is in the business of helping other help themselves.

You can bid on this shirt!

Annette Bening is right there with Natalie at the top of the favorites list for this category.  She is also willing to give the shirt off her back to help out.  No really, she is a big supporter of Clothes Off Our Back, which is a non-profit who auctions off the clothes of the hottest celebrities around.  Annette is even giving one of her outfits from the Oscar nominated, The Kids Are Alright.  The auction is on until tomorrow so you still have time to get a little piece of Hollywood and help charities at the same time.  COOB uses the funds raised to give back to a couple of charities that we’ve talked about here like Feeding America and Malaria No More.  Over $7 million has been raised by COOB since 2002 with the help of over 700 celebrities and 300 designers.  Get a new outfit and give back?  Sign me up!

Foundation for International Community Assistance Donation

Clothes Off Our Back Donation

So here’s to you actress in a leading role!  Whoever ends up taking home this very prestigious title is more than deserving on and off screen.  Budding actresses everywhere watch these women perform and aspire to be just like them one day.  If they do grow up to be just like them then they’ll be really successful actresses, as well as incredibly giving human beings.

Week 5-New Year’s Resolutions, Day 2-Saving Money


Most of us spend money every single day.  Even if it’s just for a loaf of bread or putting gas into our car so we can get to work.  When the new year comes around lots of us resolve to save more moola than we did last year.  Save for that new car, new house, or just to build up the ole nest egg. I’m thankful that I am blessed enough to donate money to those who need it more than me.   What if we all tried to save a little more for our favorite cause?

I know that some of you are reading this and thinking isn’t that the whole point of this blog?  And yes this blog is about donating to causes that we’re thankful for but I am certainly not the authority on what you should do with your hard earned paychecks.  Let’s say you’re a die hard baseball fan.  You might want to donate to Pitch In For Baseball. I’m not talking about donating that old baseball bat you’ve had since you were in t-ball either.  There is something so rewarding about giving your own money to a cause you really believe in.  You are helping support that cause and change lives with every dollar you donate.  Maybe you are more of a chess player than a sports fan.  Chess-in-the-schools is a nonprofit that helps New York city school kids flex their mental muscles.  Your donation will help teach kids how to play chess, but more importantly it will shape their entire future.  100% of the teenagers enrolled in the College Bound program of CITS graduated high school and were headed to further education.  That money you are saving isn’t buying chess sets or baseball gloves.  It is sending kids to college and helping an only child make life long friends.

So here’s to you saving money!  It doesn’t matter if you get saved in a money market account or a piggy bank.  You are still green and great organizations will still take you.  Money may not grow on trees like we all wish it did but then what fun would that be?  You might just find out who you really are when you start giving all you can.