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Week 52-The Final Countdown, Day 3-Forgiveness

It only seemed appropriate that I miss one of my blog posts during my final week.  I remember when I missed my first post on Christmas Day last year, and I was sure the world would end.  Wrong.  Just like it kept on turning yesterday even though I didn’t publish a post.  The great thing is, there’s always tomorrow.  I always find a way to rally and make sure that I get caught up from the day before.  So even though I’m a day late, yesterday I was thankful for forgiveness.  I knew you guys out there wouldn’t stop reading just because I skipped a day.  Thank you for being so forgiving, and just plain awesome.

Forgiveness is one of those lessons that is hardest to learn, but oh so important.  The Forgiveness Project is a charity across the pond that explores forgiveness, reconciliation, and conflict resolution through real-life experiences.  TFP collects and shares the stories from people around the world who have chosen forgiveness over revenge.  By healing the wounds of the past we can start to build a better future.  TFP works in prisons, communities, and with any group of individual who wants to explore what it’s like to forgive.  Forgiveness can be big or small, but what TFP hopes to do is inspire just one person in the right direction.  The F Word is an exhibition put on by TFP which shows powerful images of forgiveness triumphing in atrocious situations.  Basically, it makes me being worried about not posting one day look like a walk in the park.  If you’re interested in sharing your story about forgiveness TFP would love to hear it!  Forgiveness can also be extremely difficult.  The Caylee Marie Anthony Foundation was created to honor Caylee’s memory, but I also think it’s helped those involved find peace and work towards forgiveness.  The mission of the foundation is to help prevent child abduction through creating awareness of child safety measures, and provide support to families and law enforcement agencies during child recovery efforts.  Obviously the Anthony family has experienced what it is like to have a child missing, and they want to reach out to others during this difficult time.  They may not have made it all the way to forgiving the person who took Caylee away from their lives, but they are helping others as they journey towards that goal.

The Forgiveness Project Donation

Caylee Marie Anthony Foundation Donation

So here’s to you forgiveness!  You can be hard pill to swallow when you want to be, but you always seems to make us feel better.  We learn about you as we grow up, but sometimes we need a little reminder about you even when we’re grown.  Thank you for making the world a better place, one “I’m sorry” at a time.