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Week 49-Knowvember, Day 4-Time to Tailgate!

Football season  has been in full swing for a couple of months now, but I really love when the weather gets cold and the sweatshirts come out of the closet.  Tailgating is so much better when you’re warming up with warm food and beverages instead of sweating through the first half of the game.  Today was filled with loads of delicious foods, good friends, beautiful weather, and great times.  I will admit though that the party has been seriously elevated from the back of a pickup truck to RV’s and covered tents.  It’s not really about where the party happens though, it’s all about who you share the experience with.  Thankfully we’ve been blessed with an abundance of good people in our life. 

Most of the time we don’t associate football with charity, but the Buddy Bowl decided they would change that.  Well, at first they were just committed to getting together over the love of the game.  Starting in 2003 they switched their focus to raising funds for military, law enforcement, and children’s charities through their annual flag football tournament.  The BB is unique in the fact that it is the only annual charity community flag football tournament that both physically challenged and able-bodied participants are a part of.  Since they started out as a friendly reunion in San Diego in 1977 they have expanded to Buddy Bowls in Las Vegas, Denver, and New England.  The money raised through the BB goes to help organizations such as Challenged Athletes Foundation Operation Rebound and Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation.  For someone who’s competitive like me, there is nothing better than winning for a good cause.  Notice I said winning.  Nobody reminds me of football more than Mr. Emmitt Smith.  He was on the powerhouse Cowboys back in the day when I was growing up and learning what football was all about.  These days Emmitt has retired from his pigskin days, but the Pat & Emmitt Smith Charities for the Underserved Children is still in full swing.  Instead of making plays Smith is creating unique educational experiences and enrichment opportunities for children.  The Smiths are working to create a world where children have the resources they need in order to reach their full potential.  Just this year PESC auctioned off two tickets to Super Bowl XLV that gave one lucky winner the ultimate tailgating experience!  “Never let others define you; you define yourself.”  It’s no wonder that Emmitt Smith is a Hall of Fame NFL Player.  Thanks for the motivation E!

Emmitt's still got it!

Buddy Bowl Donation

Pat & Emmitt Smith Charities for Underserved Children Donation

So here’s to a time to tailgate!  Sometimes you come way too early on a Saturday for me, but I guess I’ll just have to grin and bear it.  You’re only around for part of the year, so I try to soak you all in while I can.  You give me the perfect excuse to kick back, relax, and hang out with some of my favorite people.  Thanks for giving me another reason to love November.

Week 45-Only the good die young, Day 4-Pat Tillman

I promised you an interesting story today about Pat Tillman who was a football player and US soldier, and I’m going to deliver on my promise.  For those of you who don’t know the story, Tillman was a linebacker for Arizona State University who went on to play for the Arizona Cardinals for four years.  Once he finished the remaining season after the attacks of September 11, 2001 he and his brother enlisted in the US Army.  Mind you, he turned down a $3.6 million dollar contract with the Cardinals to enlist.  This was not the kind of guy you find everyday.  The mystery, lies, and uncertainly that still surround his untimely death have left his family searching for the truth.  This blog isn’t going to solve that mystery but hopefully it will enlighten you on a the life of a great athlete, soldier, and person.

The Pat Tillman Foundation knows the great rewards that come from investing in veterans and their families.  PTF also knows that the best way to invest in servicemen is through education.  Pat Tillman was also an academic, graduating from ASU in three and half years with a 3.8 GPA and a degree in marketing.  Since they began in back in 2004 the PTF has provided more than $2.2 million in support for pas and present service men and women, and their spouses.  These scholarships help them cover tuition, fees, books, and even housing and child care.  Pat’s Run is also held every year on ASU’s campus to honor Pat’s memory and raise funds for the foundation.  The 4.2 mile race ends on the 42 yard line of ASU’s stadium which is symbolic of the number 42 Pat wore while he was a Sun Devil, and has since been retired in his honor.  His morals and beliefs ran deep, and no matter what his religious beliefs or stance on war may have been, he showed our nation what commitment really means.  The Army Emergency Relief  is making sure that they are taking care of their own.  Founded by the Secretary of War in 1942, AER has supported more than 3 million soldiers and their families overcome financial emergencies.  Being in the Army means a lot of moving around, but the AER has made sure that they are exactly where soldiers have needed to be over the past 67 years.  Most of their effort is focused on those are currently serving our country, but they continue to help widows/widowers over the years as well.  Those two charities may be totally different, kind of like a profession athlete and a soldier, but it’s the common thread that unites them.

Pat Tillman Foundation Donation

Army Emergency Relief Donation

So here’s to you Pat Tillman!  You may have been big and tough on the field, but your actions off the field show that you were really a bigsoftie on the inside.  Even though your family may still be searching for answers about your final days, they can rest assured that your legacy is going strong.  Thank you for embodying the values that our nation was founded on, and defending them till the very end.


Week 42-Lucky Number, Day 4-3

Why 3 today you ask?  It is just happens to be because West Virginia University’s football team is now 3 and 0 as they face big time LSU next weekend.  I love college football, and today has been one of those lazy watching football Saturdays with the cool fall air pouring in the windows.  My brother played football growing up so it was a staple in our household over the years.  Heck, I even wanted to play when I was little.  Anybody who’s seen Little Giants can understand why.  Fall is my favorite season and the fact that football season is in full swing during the autumn months only adds to my favoritism.  Thank you fall and football for stealing my heart.

You might not think so, but the one and only D, O, double G has his very own youth football league.  Snoop Youth Football League teaches children about leadership and team building, and keeps their little minds and bodies busy at the same time.  Over 1,300 kids from the L.A. were a part of the first season of the SYFL six years ago back in 2005.  Just this season the SYFL has expanded to Nevada and Chicago because of the great sportsmanship and conduct that is upheld and taught within the league.  Football is a great sport for kids to learn because it teaches them several important skills to be successful throughout their lives.  It shows them how competition can be healthy, how to fight fair, and the how to stay healthy and relieve stress on the field.  The only thing kids love more than playing sports, is meeting their favorite athletes in person and hearing their story.  Sports World is a non-profit that sends former professional athletes to talk to students about making good decisions and understanding the consequences of their actions.  For over 30 years SW has influenced children to make positive life choices and seek help for the problems they find themselves facing as they grow up.  Steve Grant was a linebacker for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (and a WVU alumni I might add) who is one of about a dozen pros who now speak to students for SW.  From what I’ve seen lately, and what I experienced in high school, kids need all the guidance they can get!

Snoop Youth Football League Donation

Sports World Donation

So here’s to you 3!  The Musketeers, Stooges, and Amigos wouldn’t be the same without you.  Sometimes you can create a crowd, and you are the culprit of middle child syndrome, but we love you anyway.  You may not be first or second, but you still get us up on that podium at the Olympics.  You’re also how many times it takes to be a lady, and no trilogy would be complete if you were missing.  And thanks for giving us a the unforgettable combo of giving back, thinking about others, and making a difference in the world.

Yes, you!

Week 39-What’s today again? Day 3-Casual Friday

TGIF!  We’ve made it through another work weeks guys!  Go ahead and pat yourselves on the back.  This first week back to school has really kicked my behind, and I am looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow.  Anybody who knows me this means I’ll only sleep to about 8 am instead of 6:30 am, but that sweet hour and half makes a big difference!  Since the students I teach think pajama pants or hot pants with their favorite t-shirt is appropriate to wear to class, it doesn’t take much to look more professional than them, but thankfully on Fridays I am sans teaching duties.  This means a little less effort goes into my wardrobe for the day, but no hot pants.  Ever.

GH founder Chris Canales

When I was in high school, Fridays meant one thing.  Friday night football!  Going to the games was very important in order to maintain a thriving social status back in the day.  Oh, and my brother played on the team so I would occasionally pay attention to the actual game in order to get my parents to pay for my ticket to get in.  Luckily my brother was never seriously hurt while playing but, Gridiron Heroes is a non-profit that is dedicated to helping high school players who suffered serious spinal cord injuries while playing.  In 2001 senior Chris Canales suffered a spinal cord injury during the fourth quarter of his final regular season game, and lay motionless on the field for 19 minutes.  Over the next year Chris fought for his life and battled to learn how to live his new life as a quadriplegic.  When he saw another player suffer a similar injury he decided he wanted this athlete and his family to have the support that was missing during his own rehabilitation.  Thus, GH was born in order to give immediate and long-term support and resources to athletes suffering life-changing spinal cord injuries playing high school football.  Chris and his family didn’t want to start an organization that found a cure for spinal cord injuries they wanted to help people live their life in spite of them.  The inspiration that grows inside of a single person can change the lives of thousands if they will just follow their heart.  Chris followed his heart, and his dedication to what is still so important to him moves me.  As a NC State graduate, I have a special place in my heart for Philip Rivers who was arguably the best quarterback during my time in Raleigh.  It turns out that not only is he a great football player, but he’s also a great person too.  Rivers of Hope Foundation was founded by Philip and his wife Tiffany to help orphaned and unwanted children find loving permanent homes.  Family, faith, and football are Phil’s top priorities, and I can only imagine how difficult it must be to manage the five kids of his own with the adorable kids of RHF.  But he’s Philip Rivers, so I’m pretty sure he can manage.  I mean he did win the Gator Bowl for State back in 2002 so he can do no wrong in my book, but I think you’ll agree that he does a lot of good.

Gridiron Heroes Donation

Rivers of Hope Foundation Donation

So here’s to you Casual Friday!  You give us a chance to let loose and put on that cute top we just bought.  Actually you wear a bunch of hats.  Football Friday, TGIF, Fiesta Friday, ect. ect.  Basically everyone is in love with you no matter what nickname you have because you mean the weekend is here!  Thank you for showing your face every week, even if it does seem like it takes you FOR-EV-ER sometimes.

Week 6-Sports, Day 1-Football

Orange bowl, Sugar bowl, Gator bowl, Fiesta bowl!  It’s a football fan’s fantasy!  But wait there’s more!  Carolina vs. Duke, UConn vs. Stanford, Lakers vs. Suns, Bulls vs. Net!  It may not be March yet but there is definitely madness going around!  This is the magical time of year when the two coexist for a few short weeks.  So today I am thankful for football, the American version.

A lot of college athletes get a bad wrap as law breaking, irresponsible sociology majors but there are some good apples in the bunch.  Uplifting Athletes is a great non-profit where college football works to increase awareness about rare diseases.  A rare disease affects fewer than 200,000 Americans and lacks financial incentive to make and market new treatments.  There are nine different chapters, including NC State (Wolf! Pack!), that all fundraise for a specific rare disease.  Don’t worry I didn’t forget about all you NFL fans out there.  Join The Team wants you to join NFL members to make a difference in your community.  JTT believes everyone can make a real difference in only 60 minutes.  Yea that means in the time it takes you to watch a couple of reruns of Friends you can ReCharge kids in their after school programs!  I love this program because NFL member’s aren’t just talking about making a change or throwing some of their high dollar salary money at the problem, they are out there getting their hands dirty.  Now that’s inspiration.

Uplifting Athletes Donation

Join The Team…Your turn!

So here’s to you football!  You keep us glued to the TV on Sundays in the fall and pulling for our alma mater no matter how long ago we graduated.  You make us buy clothes we don’t even really need because they are our team’s colors.  You make us eat too many tortilla chips topped with salsa, chicken wings, and adult beverages.  But you keep us coming back because you’re a good time, and you like to give as much as you to receive.

Steelers fans are serious