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Week 23-Emotions, Day 7-Needed

needed past participle, past tense of need (Verb)

1. Require (something) because it is essential or very important: “I need help now”.

This is a very big week for lots of students at West Virginia University, because graduation is on Saturday!  For me, this means lots of work for me at my School of Pharmacy job.  I didn’t really know anything about pharmacy, or pharmacy school before I started this job but now I’m pretty much an expert.  Okay, not really, but I can stuff a graduation envelope and type 84 graduating names like nobody’s business.  I love being busy and feeling like I’m needed.  Maybe it’s the type A personality or the aptly diagnosed ESFJ “Provider” personality that makes me this way, but I love helping people.  Helping to make sure someone gets their oath of a pharmacist in their graduation packet may seem futile for you, but I’m thankful for the chance.

Dramatic Needs reaches out a helping hand...

Everyone has different things that they need in life, but universally we all need love and glue.  Laugh, but it’s true.  Needing love is pretty obvious, but if you think about it I bet there have been several times in your life when you wished you had some glue and you didn’t.  The non-profit Kids In Need Foundation works to provide both for school kids across our nation.  Since 1995, KINF has been giving away free school supplies to students who need them to be successful in class.  They have three main programs they use to get these gratis supplies to students and teachers.  They have resources centers where teachers can shop for free to get the supplies they need for their classroom, teachers are also awarded grants through KINF to provide new and exciting learning opportunities, and lastly school boxes with supplies are distributed to kids K-8 by corporate sponsors.  I think KINF needs a round of applause!  School supplies are a very concrete and tangible need that school kids have, but hotties like Hayden Christensen and Josh Harnett believe that kids also need drama.  Not the reality-show-make-an-ass of yourself kind either.  Dramatic Need is a charity that sends local and international actors, musicians, and artists to South Africa and Rwanda to host creative arts workshops for underprivileged kids.  Music, art, and drama can provide an outlet for theses African children to better cope with poverty, hunger, and disease.  Almost 5,000 children are reached in 19 different schools because of the hard work KINF and its volunteers provide.  Most people should still stick with the saying, “Save the drama fo yo momma”, but these kids can be as dramatic as they like!

Kids In Need Foundation Donation

Dramatic Needs Foundation

So here’s to you needed!  You are that emotion that reminds us that if we weren’t around, there would be some sad people.  It could be our boss, our kids, our spouse, or even our parents who makes us feel this way.  I actually love feeling this way because it is usually accompanied with feeling loved and wanted; two other great feelings.  You may not be an emotion that I experience on a daily basis, but thankfully, you always show up when I need an ego boost.

True story

Week 23-Emotions, Day 6-Hungry

hun·gry  (hnggr)adj.

1. Experiencing a desire or need for food.

I’m not really sure that hungry is an emotion but after missing lunch today, it sure felt like it was.  It’s so funny that some days missing lunch doesn’t really affect me, and other days it turns me into crazy hungry monster.  I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off this morning washing clothes, cleaning dishes, and finally putting away some odds and ends from my CA trip.  Lunch just happened to be at the bottom of my to-do list.  Oops.  The funny part is, I get a daily email from the fabulous stylist to the stars Rachael Zoe, and today’s message was titled “Clutch For a Cause.”  Obviously my interest was immediately piqued.  What was the cause you ask?  Hunger.  Thank you hunger for smacking me in the face with a dose of reality, and reminding me how lucky I am even if I miss lunch.

Even though I can’t afford the 500 dollar Judith Leiber clutch, I did check out the other merchandise the FEED Projects had to offer and The Feed Foundation.  FP makes good products that help feed the world.  For any of you Real Housewives fans out there, you might remember that Alex McCord from the RH of NY wore a FEED dress to the opening night of the opera a few years back.  The great news is they have a TON of great products like teddy bears, t-shirts, bags, and bracelets that are both charitable and fashionable.  In case this isn’t totally obvious by now, I love it when I can buy stuff for me and give back to others.  In case they haven’t already won your heart, FP believes in using environmentally friendly and artisan-made materials for their products.  FP is feeding the world one bag at a time.  TFF is the non-profit behind the FP fashion house.  Their mission is to raise awareness and funds to provide meals for school children around the world.  There are almost 400 million children who go to bed hunger every single night of their little lives.  It broke my heart when I read this.  Here I am thinking about how hungry I was today, when these innocent children experience this feeling 365 days a year.  The good news is, TFF and FP has worked with the UN World Food Program to provide over 50 million meals for kids.  Oh, did I mention they have accomplished that life-changing number in just three short years?  I don’t know about you but I just found my new role models.

FEED Projects Products (Seriously, they’re awesome)

The FEED Foundation Donation

So here’s to you hungry!  You create that rumbly in our tumbly when it’s time to eat our next meal.  You’re also that nagging feeling in the pit of too many children’s stomachs.  You also seem to create these crazy cravings that we can never really fulfill no matter how hard we try.  Ice cream, Doritos, soda, and candy seems to be the only thing that will shut you up sometimes.  Thanks for that daily reminder that food fuels our mind, bodies, and souls. 

Week 23-Emotions, Day 5-Loved

loved past participle, past tense of love (Verb)

1. Feel a deep romantic or sexual attachment to (someone): “do you love me?”.

2. Like very much; find pleasure in: “I’d love a cup of tea”; “a fun-loving girl”.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there!  Even though I’m not physically spending the day with my Mom she is always in my heart and on my mind.  I could not have dreamed of a better mother.  She taught me so many things that I will never be able to thank her enough for.  She taught me to be responsible, always do my best, and always treats others the way I want to be treated.  In all honestly I have learned a lot from all of the great women in my family.  My grandmothers, aunts, cousins, nieces, and sisters-in-law are all women I look up to in some way.  Even though I’m only a mother to children who have four legs and fur, I still feel so loved today because I know my Mom would do anything she could for me.  Thank you Mommy for being you, and having me.

It's true 🙂

Mothers are often the driving force behind the change that happens in a family.  Mothers4Children is a charity that unites a wide array of women for change, but it’s so much more than that too.  As a mother all you want is a better life for your children.  M4C is a sisterhood of women who are mothers, aunts, godmothers, daughters, and grandmothers that want and believe that ALL children deserve love and the best start in life possible.  M4C also seemed like a perfect charity for today because they were founded on love.  The love a mother has for her child is unconditional and the potential to harness that unwavering love to help transform the lives of children is both powerful and enduring.  Just think about a momma bear with her cubs.  Would you challenge her?  I didn’t think so.  Sometimes mothers have to help other mothers out.  Mothers2Mothers is a charity that helps prevent mother-to-child transmission of HIV and support the health of mother and child after both.  HIV can be transmitted during pregnancy, labor, delivery, or breastfeeding, but can be prevented with treatment.  M2M not only treats pregnant women with HIV in Africa, but they also teach them about being a new mother living with HIV.  They provided Mentor Mothers who work with new moms one-on-one and become role models in their community as they earn salaries to support their family.  M2M saves lives and empowers women at the time day.  Happy Mother’s Day indeed!

Mothers4Children Donation

Mothers2Mothers Donation

So here’s to you loved!  You are the feeling that warms our hearts and reassures our minds.  Lots of us feel this way because of our fabulous mothers!  They were the first people to really show us what it means to love without condition or trepidation.  You are the emotion that moves us to create holidays for the invaluable people in our lives.  Thank you for giving us another reason to honor the women who gave us life.

My Mom sent me this today! I feel so loved to know she is always thinking about me!

Week 23-Emotions, Day 4-Inspired


1. Of extraordinary quality, as if arising from some external creative impulse.

I have the most inspiring husband on the face of the planet.  We got to spend a great day together teaching 4-H kids about the different types of parasites that live on/in dogs and cats.  I know to many of you out there this may not seems like a lot of fun, but us it is.  He is so dynamic and enthusiastic when he teaches that it really moves me.  The kids loved him, and so did the parents, and I just couldn’t stop myself from thinking that some of those kids would really be ininfluenced by their experience today.  I’m so thankful for so many things about Scott, but I know he will never stop inspiring me no matter how many  years we’re together.

It turns out that there is an entire Inspiration Corporation in Chicago, Illinois.  IC was founded in 1989 helps those who are affected by homelessness and poverty to improve their overall life and self-sufficiency.  IC is able to provide stable housing, full meals, and the skill sets to help those in need find jobs and rebuild the life they had before.  Even though you hear it all the time, being homeless is something that could happen to every single one of us.  If you lost your job and had no family to turn to for help you could easily be at the IC seeking help.  IC provides the essentials everyone needs in life so they are able to focus on being inspired to develop and become who they really want to be.  I really want to be someone who inspires philanthropy of all kinds and supports my roots.  There is no greater charity to represent these aspirations of mine than the Foundation For The Carolinas.  FFTC uses innovative community initiatives and great service to donors and volunteers to strengthen the Carolina region and inspire philanthropy.  FFTC has three separate giving centers where experts specialize in helping families and individuals with being a productive and contributing member of the community.  FFTC has Center for Personal and Family Philanthropy, the Center for Nonprofits, and the Center for Corporate Philanthropy, to meet as many diverse needs as possible.  Founded over fifty years ago FFTC is one of the largest foundation in the southeast and in the top 25 in the United States.  Just when I thought I couldn’t be any more inspired, organizations like FFTC come along.

Inspiration Corporation Donation

Foundation For The Carolinas Donation

So here’s to you inspired!  You are one of those emotions we really have to harness and use every last drop of when you come around.  You are the reason Dr. Martin Luther King, Benjamin Franklin, and Amelia Earhart were able to change the world as we knew it.  You are that indescribable feeling that moves us really follow that tug on our heart strings, and lingers in the back of our mind.  Thank you for kick starting us all into doing great things.

A place we all need to visit over and over!

Week 23-Emotions, Day 3-Festive


1. Of or relating to a festival.
2. Cheerful and jovially celebratory.

I’m not sure how many reasons you need to feel festive, but I’ve had quite a few today.  I had a great meeting about my PhD program in the fall; one of my very good friends officially became a Dr.; it was the last day in my two-day work week; another friend is graduating with not one but two master’s degree next weekend; and we got to celebrate Fiesta Friday with yummy food and margaritas.  I know we are a day late for the Cinco de Mayo fiesta but still, it’s hard not to feel festive with all the good things going on in my life.  I’m so thankful for wonderful days when it feels like nothing can go wrong.  They are the days that get you through the ones that never seem to end, and keep you sane when you wanna pull out every hair on your head.

Festivus, it's for the rest of us

So what do you do when you’re feeling festive?  You party, that’s what, and what better place to party that Ravinia, the world’s oldest outdoor music festival.  Started over 100 years ago in 1904, it is renowned for its world class musicians that range in genre from classical music to jazz and beyond.  Just to give you an example the likes of Frank Zappa, Louie Armstrong, Janis Joplin, and Duke Ellington.  It seems like festivity seems to attract diversity.  Ravinia is also very diligent in making sure music is accessible to people of all ages, races, and backgrounds.  They reach and teach people so they can play!  Another festival that would be a blast to attend is the Kokua Festival in Honolulu Hawaii that is held annually on Earth Day.  They took a short break this year from the festivities after six very successful events, but plan on coming back for an encore when the time is right.  The KF is a fundraiser for the Kokua Hawaii Foundation which supports environmentally education in the school and communities all across Hawaii.  You may have even heard of the non-profit’s founder, the musician Jack Johnson.  KHF believes in giving children hands on experiences and examples that will enhance their understanding and appreciation for our planet.  We only have one Earth, so we might as well teach our kids to take care of it, and throw a party to celebrate!

Ravinia Festival Donation

Kokua Hawaii Foundation Donation

So here’s to you festive!  You make me wanna clap my hands and move my feet to the beat.  You seem to be around a lot during the weekends and days when I don’t have to work.  You help me remember to celebrate life and tell my friends and family how awesome they are.  It’s always so much fun when you show up and I get to celebrate with some really great people.  Thanks for reminding me that feeling festive extends way beyond the holiday season.

Week 23-Emotions, Day 2-Comfort


Noun: A state of physical ease and freedom from pain or constraint.

I felt a sense of comfort multiple times today.  I felt it when I pulled into my very own garage and walked into my house to find my wonderful husband and two loving dogs waiting for me.  I felt it again when I arrived at work to people who had missed me and welcomed me back.  I was extremely comforted and relieved when K called me this afternoon to tell me American Airlines had found my wallet that I thought I lost on our journey home yesterday.  Yea, that’s a story for another time.  Comfort is like a warm blanket on a cold winter night.  You wrap it around you and instantly feel warmer all over, and forget all your worries.  Sweet, sweet, comfort is one of my favorite emotions.

Comfort is an emotion that everyone deserves to feel.  Comfort Zone Camp is a place where children who have lost a parent or sibling can feel safe and even have fun while they grieve.  Losing a parent or sibling is something I can’t, and don’t want to, even begin to imagine.  Often times children are just left alone to deal with the aftermath of the death of a family member.  CZC provides a large community of supporters to help children ages 7-17 process and work through all the emotions they are experiencing.  Founded in 1988, the free CZCs are held year-round in New Jersey, California, Massachusetts, Virginia, and Texas.  CZC proves you can’t put a price on comfort.  Sometimes comfort also comes in the form of a literal blanket.  Operation Blankets of Love is a non-profit that provides new and recycled pet-related items to comfort stray, sick, or neglected animals in shelters.  OBOL is also an Emergency Response Team that helps provide comfort and relief to animals that have been displaced by disasters, like the tornadoes down South.  They have collected over 255,000 items for helpless animals in the short time they’ve been an active charity.  Studies have also shown that shelter animals with blankets were more likely to feel happy, safe, warm, and comfortable which increase their chances of being adopted.  Everybody needs a blankie every once in a while.

Comfort Zone Camp Donation

Operation Blanket of Love Donation

So here’s to you comfort!  You are what most of us seek our entire lives, and don’t find nearly as often as we hope.  You are something we can give to others just by being who we are.  You can always be found in that familiar smile, hug, recliner, or worn out t-shirt.  I mean, you are pretty popular.  You have hotels, liquor, and foods with your name in the title.  Sometimes we find you at just the right time, and sometimes you find us when we least expect it.

So, so true

Week 23-Emotions, Day 1-Exhaustion


1. Drained of one’s physical or mental resources; very tired.

After a super long day of traveling yesterday the exhaustion finally set in right about the time I usually write my blog.  As you saw, I just couldn’t do it.  My brain was fried, my muscles were tired, and my eyes were heavy.  Lying there falling to sleep though I kept thinking about how thankful I was to be safe and warm in a bed.  I stayed the night with my Mom in NC, so I wasn’t quite home yet but it felt like I was.  And as funny as it may sound, I was thankful to be exhausted because it meant I would sleep well and tomorrow would be another day.  Finding the tiniest emotion in your day to be thankful for can lead you to realize how many other things you have to be thankful for.

I know it may seem a little weird to say I’m thankful for feeling exhausted, but when you think about it, it makes perfect sense.  If you’re exhausted then you did something that day.  It may have been physical or emotional, but you were put through the ringer and you survived to tell your tale and live another day.  I’m sure all the people cleaning up the devastation that tornadoes have caused all across our country are exhausted too.  AmeriCare has been working diligently since the tornadoes wrecked the state of Alabama to help provide clean water, medicines, and emergency supplies.  Founded 2o years ago, AC has come through with $10 billion plus in aid to over 147 different countries.  They have proved that their catch phrase of, ” A Passion to Help.  The Ability to Deliver.”, is something they really put into action.  AC also utilizes what they call the Gift-In-Kind Model where medical suppliers and pharmaceutical companies donate essential supplies and AC raises the funds to have the donated goods transported to sites where they are needed most.  AC is also johnny-on-the-spot getting responders down to Alabama and Mississippi within one day to assess the damage and clean up as efficiently as possible.  Just reading what AC has accomplished makes me exhausted!  You can also help out those going through this unimaginable disaster by going through your closet or buying a couple of extra set of socks or batteries and taking them down to your local Red Cross or Goodwill.  Disasters have a way of bringing people together and making sure we spread some of the exhaustion around so none of us become overwhelmed.

AmeriCares Donation

Find your local Red Cross or Goodwill and help Alabama and other states out

So here’s to you exhaustion!  You are that feeling we get after we’ve worked too hard, played too much, or been emotionally dragged through the ringer.  You’re also that feeling we get when we’ve helped someone else, or volunteered all day for our favorite cause.  If you show up then we know we’ve accomplished at least one thing during the past 24 hours.  We’d all be a little happier and sleep a little better if you showed up more often in our lives.

Yep, that's exactly how I felt!