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Week 52-The Final Countdown, Day 4-Reunited

So it’s the last night we’re here in good ‘ole NC, and I’m so excited to see all my girls!  I’ve seen a few of them here and there over the past 5 days, but tonight is going to be like a mini-reunion!  There was a group of about 8 of us who were super close in high school, and stayed that way even though we went our separate ways for college.  They are the type of girls that I love with all my heart, and I know that no matter how far apart in distance we are, we’re never more than a phone call away.  We’re all grown up now, or at least we’re suppose to be, but I’m so thankful that we take the time to reunite and reconnect. 

I can hardly stand being separated from my friends, so I can’t even imagine what it must feel like to be parent separated from my child.  Reunite International was created in 1987 to help parents who are trying to navigate through the legal nightmare of international parental child abduction.  They provide information and support to parents, family members, and guardians who have had their child abducted or are afraid their child may be at risk for abduction.  RI is also there to talk to and give practical advice to a parent who may have abducted their own child.  RI is also dedicated to raising awareness about international parental child abduction on a global level.  RI works closely with government agencies and other organizations to formulate quick resolutions that are in the best interest of the children when abduction does occur.  RI is able to provide support to parents when they need it the most.  The closest thing I have to children right now are my dogs, and I would be heart-broken if something were to happen and I was unable to see them on a daily basis. Nowzad Dogs is a charity that was created in order to rescue stray animals in Afghanistan and Iraq that soldiers have come across in their everyday lives.  Afghan and Iraqi dogs and cats spend most of their days just trying to survive.  ND knows they can’t possibly rescue every stray dog in those two countries, so they are also trying to educate the locals on animal welfare.  ND gives hope and new homes to numerous dogs that someone else has just totally forgotten about.  A few soldiers have even been reunited with the animals they took the time to care for and nurture while they were deployed.  I don’t know how anyone could say no to adorable little faces like the ones below.

So cute!

Reunite International Donation

Nowzad Dogs Donation

So here’s to being reunited!  There are very little things that compare to hugging the neck of someone you haven’t seen in way too long.  You can be played every 10 years, or impromptu, but you’re always a chance to catch up on the latest.  Everyday life may try to keep us apart but you will have none of it!  There’s no place like home, and there are no words to tell someone you love how much you’ve truly missed them, cause we’re reunited and it feels so good!

I love a good reunion!

Week 48-Costumes and Charity, Day 4-Scobby Doo

Oh Scoobs!

It’s Scooby Doobie Doo!  I love dogs, and I always have so it makes sense that Scooby Doo would have a special place in my heart.  Those movies are the best no matter how old I get.  I’ve also never been Scooby or any other characters for Halloween but you always see Shaggys, Velmas, and Daphnes trick or treating.  We went out to the university farm today and watched the livestock show for a little while and showed my family around.  Even though they were showing sheep, pigs, and cattle for some reason it reminded me of Scooby walking around town with his buddies.  So naturally my question was, “Scooby Dooby Do where are you?”

It seems like we are always concerned about our friends and family getting cancer, but unfortunately our little four-legged friends are also susceptible to the big casino.  Canine Cancer Awareness is dedicated to raising awareness about doggy cancer, its prevalence, and how it can be treated.  In fact, all the donations for CCA go to help pay for veterinary care of sick dogs whose owners aren’t able to afford it.  I know it would break my heart to see my little Oscar or Pippy suffering and not be able to help them because of financial issues.  CCA is also out there beating the streets and filling the internet with as much information as possible about canine cancer.  CCA is also showing cancer that we bite back tonight at their Halloween Charity Ball.  A whopping 25% of dogs will get cancer at some point in their little doggy life, but we have the power to save them.  Let’s show cancer what tricks we have up our sleeves this Halloween!  The National Canine Cancer Foundation is right there in the trenches with CCA working to wipe out cancer in dogs.  While they also raise awareness NCCF is really focused on funding research to find a cure for canine cancer.  NCCF also fosters collaborations between clinical veterinarians and research scientist in the laboratories developing new treatments and ways to diagnosis our furry friends.  I love that they talk about this is their mission statement because it’s so important that we are able to translate what happens in a research setting to everyday life.  When we all work together, we are the cure.

Canine Cancer Awareness Donation

National Canine Cancer Foundation Donation

So here’s to you Scooby Doo!  You were a serious crime solver, and a lover of those Scooby snacks.  You know you’re good when people keep remaking your movies.  Thanks for entertaining kids of all ages and being one of the best Halloween costumes year after year.  

Week 36-Birthday Week! Day 1-Martha Stewart

Today is the kick off for Scott’s official birthday week, so what better way to celebrate than blogging about it?  I had never really heard or celebrated birthday week until Kristina introduced me to several years back.  It’s great though because it’s a week of whatever you want to eat, no chores, and you are in total control of the remote.  It makes me wish I had a birthday once a month.  So this week is dedicated to all the great birthdays that happen every single day.  Somewhere out there someone is always thankful that a very special birthday.

Happy Birthday Martha!

Would you believe me if I told you today is Martha Stewart’s 70th birthday?  I don’t blame you if you said no, because I didn’t believe it at first either.  Obviously crafts do a body good.  Since she had a little stint in the slammer back in 2005 Martha has made a major comeback, even on the charity front.  In 2006 she gave $5 million to Mt. Sinai’s center for healthy again in New York.  Of course once she made her generous donation, the center was appropriately dedicated as the Martha Stewart Center for Living at Mt. Sinai.  MSCL makes sure that adult seniors have better access to health care resources, and enhance the public perception of aging.  MSCL has proven to be an extremely valuable program to older adults because not only do they treat health problems, they also offer classes and programs designed to help older adults get active and stay active well into old age.  Well if anyone should be backing aging gracefully, Martha is the one.  Martha has always been a big animal lover and supporter, and I’m sure her pups Francesca and Sharkey would testify to that.  Dogs Deserve Better is one of the many pet-friendly organizations that Martha supports.  Founded back in 2002, DDB is on a mission to unchain all of the dogs out there, literally.  Dogs shouldn’t live as prisoners confined to a small area to sleep, eat, play, and do their business.  All dogs deserve to be treated with love and respect, and the chance to exercise and interact with other dogs and humans.  It’s no wonder that Johnny Depp, Candice Bergen, and Robin Williams have joined Ms. Stewart in supporting DDB.

Mount Sinai Martha Stewart Center for Living Donation

Dogs Deserve Better Donation

So here’s to you Martha!  Today is the day your parents welcomed you into the world, and thanked their lucky stars for a beautiful, healthy baby girl.  I know I’m thankful you were born too because otherwise we wouldn’t know how to fold fitted sheets, bake adorable cupcakes, or organize our pantries.  You’ve proven that a heaping cup of dedication, a sprinkling of confidence, a pinch of good old-fashioned charity are the perfect recipe for success.

Words to live by

Week 19-Letters, Day 3-W

ork, watermelon, workouts, wishes, water, and wildflowers are all great things, that obviously, start with W.  I started my day this morning with a snazzy little leg workout from Cosmo.  It may not be P90X but it’s been a while since I worked out and it felt good.  Hey, Rome wasn’t built in a day.  I also worked a couple extra hours at my new job today.  Everyday I go to work I think about how lucky I am to have a job, and how doubly lucky I am that I like the people I work with.  I’ve heard that Americans live to work, and that European work to live.  I strive to stay somewhere in the middle of those two and enjoy my time on and off the clock.

In my opinion, nobody works harder than the brave men and women of our country who protect our freedom.  That is one job I am positive I could never do, and can’t even imagine the things they go through for their work.  Carolina Patriot Rover is a non-profit that is enhancing the lives of servicemen and women who have been diagnosed with PTSD by giving them a trained golden retriever.  CPR is committed to giving veterans a life-long companion who provides tons of love and therapy free of charge.  CPR also has a long-term goal of growing their organization so they are able to help employ veterans returning home and re-entering the workforce again.  Working with adorable golden retrievers and great people who have sacrificed for our freedom sounds like a job I’d like to have!  The HOPE Program in New York helps give those living in poverty “a way to work” and “a way to grow”.  THP was founded in 1984 in a time when homeless New Yorkers were being given hand-outs and THP was doling out hand-ups that help them find, keep, and advance in their jobs.  1 in 5 people who live in New York city are living in poverty, and over 300,000 New Yorkers are dependent on soup kitchens and food pantries in order to feed their families.  There may not be W in hope but they are giving some down and out New Yorkers a big W.

Carolina Patriot Rovers Donation

The Hope Program Donation

So here’s to you W!  Where would we be without you?  Let’s see, that last sentence wouldn’t exist, there would be no waterfalls, wigwams, or Washington Redskins.  No kids would be plagued by wet willies or enjoy Willie Wonka candies after school.  The world would not be the same without all the Williams, Walters, or Wandas.  So remember to be thankful the next time you see a weeping willow or take a juicy bite out of a watermelon.

I feel the same way buddy

Week 12-Places I’ve lived, Day 3-Raleigh, NC

After I graduated high school, and though I had it all figured out, I moved to Raleigh to major in animal science at North Carolina State University.  My mom, aunt, and uncle all went to NCSU so I had been cheering for the Wolfpack as far back as I could remember.  It just so happened that NCSU was one of the best schools around for animal science, and I was also blessed enough to also receive a scholarship, so it was a done deal.  I loved Raleigh so much I decided to stay and get a graduate degree there as well after a short stint in Europe during what I refer to as my “early life crisis”.  Raleigh made me who I am today, and I could never be thankful enough for everything the capital city has given me.

The SPCA of Wake County has been on my radar since I first moved to Raleigh.  I can’t even remember how many times I went down to the SPCA to look for a dog, but it was quite a few.  My good friend Krap, don’t worry that’s not her real name, also got a about 10 of us to participate in the K9-3K Dog Walk for the SPCA.  We had such a great time helping such a good cause that was close to all of our hearts.  I think the dogs liked it too.  The SPCA in Raleigh was founded in 1967 and helps animals get adopted into loving homes as well providing low cost spay/neuter surgeries for the general public.  Plus they just became a no-kill agency in July 2010, and is working toward becoming a whole no-kill community.  Another cause that I was lucky enough to be a part of in Raleigh was Helping Horse Therapeutic Riding Program.  Even though I wasn’t able to be as active in this charity as I would have liked, it really touched my heart and opened my eyes.  For over twenty years HH has been providing therapeutic horseback riding lessons to individuals with both physical and mental disabilities.  There are no words to describe the joy on the faces of these kids when they are in the saddle.  They may not be able to walk or sit up on their own, but once they mount their four-legged friends all bets are off.  HH has even had riders who have been non-verbal for years speak their very first words on horseback.  Thankful?  How about miraculous.

SPCA of Wake County Donation

Helping Horse Donation

So here’s to you Raleigh!  Or as we so affectionately refer to you as, Raleighwood!  You are the capitol of NC and the home of the Wolfpack and the Hurricanes.  You welcomed me with open arms when I left home, and you made sure I played as hard as I worked.  You showed me that it’s not the size of the city, but the size of the heart that keeps the city beating, and giving.

Ahh sweet Raleigh

Week 9-Senses, Day 3-Hearing

Wild and Wonderful

So we are officially out of NJ and now residents of WV!  Six hours in the truck, about ten highway patrolmen, and many tunes later we picked up our new key to our very own townhouse.  No more apartment.  No more seeing our neighbors as we walk into the building.  And no more hearing other people’s music.  Today I am thankful for more things than I could really blog about, but I am really thankful for the sound of good music and new television series (thank you instant Netflix) that have gotten us through the past 24 hours.

So I asked this question in my blog a few days ago but would you rather be blind or deaf?  I still can’t decide.  There’s nothing like an awesome song to totally change your mood, or picking the right one to reflect your mood.  The National Education for Assistance Dog Services has been working since 1976 to train service dogs to help deaf and disabled individuals live more independent lives.  NEADS has trained over 1300 dogs from all across the United States to be all types of dogs including; hearing, service, social, specialty, service dogs for the classroom, ministry, therapy and walker dogs.  Plus they have a graduation ceremony for the service dogs three times a year to celebrate the all the hard work and giving that the dogs and countless volunteers have accomplished in few short months.  Dogs and children are weak spots for me, and most of America, so the Central Institute for the Deaf seemed liked a great choice for my second charity to blog about.  CID is a school in St. Louis, Missouri that has been teaching deaf and hard of hearing children to listen, talk, read, and succeed for almost 100 years.  Technology like cochlear implants and powerful digital hearing aids along with education tools developed at CID are increasing the number of deaf children who are able to talk, read, and hear.  Giving the gift of hearing is priceless.

Cute and charitable 🙂

National Education for Assistance Dogs Services Donation

Central Institute for the Deaf Donation

Here’s to you hearing!  You give us the gift of being magically charmed with only those little pieces of cartilage on the sides of our heads.  You help us put a voice with a face, and a song to our everyday lives.  You help us hear the crickets chirp in the summer and the squirrels scampering across the rooftop in the winter.  So let your voice be heard for something worthwhile.

Week 7-Animals, Day 7-Oscar

I thought it only appropriate to bookend my week of animals with my/our other dog, Oscar.  For anyone who has not had the pleasure of meeting my little man he is a 5 year old miniature dachshund, and my very first dog when I moved out.  I worked at a veterinary clinic the summer after my freshman year of college and fell in looohhuuvvee with a beautiful miniature dachshund that belonged to one of the girls that I worked with.  So I saved a little money, found a good breeder, and the rest is history.

Hey guys

The Dachshund Rescue of North America is a non-profit that focuses on rescuing, rehabilitating, and re-homing dachshunds across the country.  Last year alone they placed over 1,000 needy weeners in good homes.  Plus what other cause do you know that is supported by the sale of dachshund shaped luggage tags and wine?  I’m serious, a donation to Weener’s Leap winery will help support DRNA and buy you a bottle of vino.  Genius.  If you’re more of a Diet Coke drinker than you can donate a grooming, a dental visit, a back surgery, or take the plunge and adopt your own weener.  I was so excited when I found the West Virginia Hot Dog Festival that helps to support the Children’s Hospital at Cabella Huntington Hospital.  They have weener dog races, a bun run, pooch look-a-like contests, and a car show all packed into one day.  With Huntington, WV being a couple hours away from Morgantown the Bowdridge pack will be making a day trip of it.  Plus Oscar loves hot dogs.  Ironic?  I believe so.

Dachshund Rescue of North America Donation

West Virginia Hot Dog Festival Donation

So here’s to you my Oscar!  You are my constant companion and little electric blanket in the middle of the night.  You look so sweet in your little Snuggie for dogs laying in my lap right now.  You steal the hearts of any and everyone who meets you, even if you have the worse overbite I’ve ever seen.  Thank you for showing me daily what unconditional love means.