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Week 50-The Golden Week, Day 4-Golden Hour

Today is my birthday na na na…well not mine, but it is Lizzie’s birthday.  Hello everyone out there in blog reader land, my name is Scott and I am Lizzie’s husband and today I thought it would be important to recognize the effort that Lizzie has put forth in writing this blog every day.  As one of her birthday presents I thought that it would be nice for her to have a “day-off” from blogging and give all of her loyal followers a chance to thank her for bringing awareness to the great many causes she has.  We all know that Lizzie has been writing this blog since Thanksgiving 2010, so this coming Thanksgiving is her one year anniversary of blogging about being thankful – EVERYDAY!

Let’s look at the impressive stats that Lizzie has put up.  First she has written a blog for every calendar day, except for the guest writer week and today, and there were a couple of times that she was a day late but she ALWAYS makes up for it the next day.  So today makes it her 349th blog.  For each blog, Lizzie typically identifies at least two charitable organizations, what they do, their impact on society and how to give to them.  So, not to leave out those day she blogged about three or four charities, let’s assume she has shined the light on 2.5 charities per blog which totals 865 charities that received free advertising and further recognition through the efforts of my wife!  I would be remiss if I did not talk dollars and cents as Lizzie has not only brought further recognition to these organizations she has also donated to a multitude of charities.  Her goal was to donate $10 per week.  For the first 25 week she donated at least $10 to one of the charities she wrote about in that week’s blog, bring that dollar amount to approximately $250.  Oh, but wait I am not finished.  In lieu of presents, yes I am talking about Lizzie, she has asked people to donate to a non-profit that aids water infrastructure in Northern Ethopia, and so far Lizzie has garnered 11 donations totaling $309. Below is an excerpt from Lizzie’s donation site at

“So this year, I want to celebrate my wonderful 27 years of life by giving life to others!. Over the past year I have been learning and blogging about all kinds of charities…charity: water holds a special place in my heart…100% of all donations go directly toward water projects and 18 months after this campaign ends, charity: water will show us where and how every dollar we raised ended up helping in the field.”

So here’s to you “Ferguson.”  Over the past 349 days you have brought your readers closer to what you care about.  By sharing your thoughts and feelings about being thankful, you have allowed each of to participate with you in this extraordinary activity, even if it was just reading your blog during the late night hours!  I am so thankful that I have a wife that has such a great heart and cares so much about others and someone who is always thankful for the little things in life.  Happy birthday and thanks for sharing!

Week 36-Birthday Week! Day 5-Charlize Theron

I couldn’t have picked a better week to write about birthdays because it has been chocked full of great people like Ms. Charlize Theron who make my job easy.  This native South African isn’t just beautiful on the outside either.  Anyone who has even seen Monster knows that she can get pretty down and dirty for her cinematic roles, and prove to us all that she isn’t just a pretty face.  This theme of hard work and dedication is also apparent in the huge chunk of her life that she has dedicated to charity work.  Thanks for making my job easy Char!

It only makes sense that Theron would have an affinity to help the people of her native Africa.  She started Charlize Theron Africa Outreach Project in 2007 with the help of the Entertainment Industry Foundation.  They had the common goal of creating a healthier and safer life for African youth by supporting and working with organizations that provide HIV/AIDS prevention education.  The only way this organization could get any better is if they had some connection to Oprah.  Oh wait, they do!  They collaborated with the Oprah Angel Network for their first project which provided mobile health and computer clinics designed for improving the health and social development of Umkhanyakude district youth in the KwaZulu-Natal province.  If you’ve got Big O on your side, you know you’re doing something right.  CTAOP also began a project last summer called Home Field Advantage, where they build soccer fields with clean drinking water for the community.  This not only provides the obvious health advantages, but it’s also a way to uplift the people and provide a prime location for the mobile health units.  Theron has also been a supporter of the Rape Crisis Center in Cape Town, South Africa.  RCC wants to end violence against women, specifically rape, and help women achieve their right of a violence-free life.  RCC trains and counsels women who have suffered the trauma of rape in hopes that they will encourage other women report rapes, and increase the conviction of rapists.  They are helping ordinary women believe that they can do extraordinary things.  Power to the women!

Charlize Theron Africa Outreach Project Donation

Rape Crisis Center Cape Town Donation

So here’s to you Charlize Theron!  As your birthday winds down I hope you’re looking back at this year and seeing how much you’ve done for the world.  You may be the face of Christian Dior, but to the children in Africa you are helping, you are the face of an angel.  And even though Dior is a label anyone would love to be caught wearing, the label of Giver is all the rage every fall.

Face of an angel...

Week 36-Birthday Week, Day 4-Lucille Ball

Happy 100th Birthday to Lucille Ball!  This funny lady is best known for her role as the hilarious Lucy Ricardo in the I Love Lucy show, but she was also a big movie and Broadway star as well.  I mean who could forget her infamous Vitametavegamin commercial or her and Ethel stuffing candy in their mouth because they can’t keep up in their new jobs as chocolate factory workers.  Her famous flaming hair and quirky expressions are the reason that there are so many people still adore her to this day.  Lucy shows us all what good old-fashioned fun looks like, and who doesn’t love that?

Even though she was into funny business, Lucille was a serious influence on women’s role in television.  She was even inducted into the National Women’s Hall of Fame back in 2001.  She was actually the first woman who visibly seen as pregnant on television.  So all you 16 and Pregnant stars and fans out there, myself included, you’ve got Lucy to thank for opening up the door to showing baby bumps on the tube.  And speaking of firsts, she was also the very first female studio head in Hollywood.  I told you she was more than just a funny lady.  She was also nominated for a whopping 13 Emmy award nominations and 4 wins during her long and productive career.  It’s no wonder the NWHF wanted to induct Ball when their mission is to showcase great women, and inspire all.  She is one of the most recognized television stars of all time, and influences actors and actresses even years after her passing.  That’s a women I’d like to be like.  Ball did take some time out of her busy and funny schedule to support the March of Dimes charity.  MOD works to make sure that moms out there have full-term pregnancies, and research problems that threaten the health of babies.  Franklin Delanor Roosevelt was inspired to create MOD back in 1938 after his own personal battle with polio.  Thanks to the funding and research given to MOD there were three vaccines that were created which effectively eradicated the polio epidemic in the United States.  After they had accomplished their first mission, MOD shifted their focus to premature birth and birth defects.  They have helped to save thousands of children, and they are committed to helping all children be born healthy.

National Women’s Hall of Fame Donation

March of Dimes Donation

So here’s to you Lucille Ball, or as you’re more lovingly called, Lucy!  You always had some ‘splaining to do but we loved watching you do it.  Thank you for giving the gift that keeps on giving, and I don’t mean all the awesome episode reruns of I Love Lucy.  You gave us all the gift of laughter and you said it best, “I’m happy that I have brought laughter because I have been shown by many the value of it in so many lives, in so many ways.” 

Week 36-Birthday Week! Day 3-Neil Armstrong

Strap on your rocket boosters and space suits because we’ve got an astronaut birthday to celebrate!  Happy birthday Mr. Neil Armstrong!  You were the first to take those steps for mankind on the surface of the moon, and make us all swell with pride as Americans.  Even though he’s most well-known for his role as an astronaut, Neil has worn many hats during his 81 years of life.  He’s been a student at Purdue University, a member of the Navy, a husband, and a father.  People will always associate you with Apollo 11, but hopefully after reading this post people will realize there is more to the man on the moon than they thought.

Before he was putting on space suits and moon boots, Armstrong was suiting up in his Navy uniform.  While the men and women are busying taking care of the rest of us civilians, the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society is making sure they are taken care of as well.  Founded back in 1904 by Theodore Roosevelt the NMRS provides educational, financial, and any other assistance Naval members and their family needs.  With over 250 offices on dry land and some at sea, the NMRS has over 3,600 volunteers to help accomplish their mission.  Thrift stores, interest-free educational loans, financial counseling, and visiting nursing services are just a few of the programs the NMRS provides free of charge to those who serve in the Navy or Marines.  I know I say this every time I blog about military organizations, but the services our donations help provide for them is only a drop in the bucket considering how much they have done for us.  Armstrong is also a proud Boilermaker from Purdue University.  He received his bachelor’s degree in aeronautical engineering back in 1955, and spent his free time playing the baritone in the Purdue All-American Marching Band.  PU is also where Neil met and fell in love with his first wife, who had three children with.  With almost 40,000 students the land-grant institution of Indiana has turned out lots of other famous alumni such as Super Bowl winning quarterback Drew Brees, Sully Sullenberger, and comedian Jim Gaffigan (hot pockets!).

Navy-Marine Corps Society Donation

Purdue University Donation

So here’s to you Neil Armstrong!  You are still an inspiration to this day to millions of people around the world.  You were just a small town kid from Ohio that made his dreams of walking on the moon a reality.  Thank you for showing us that there is no such thing as one small step.  Every step we take has the potential to turn into a big leap for mankind.

Week 36-Birthday Week! Day 2-President Obama


That’s right the President of the United States of America is theo big 5-0 today!  Woop woop! Doesn’t it make you feel good to know that even the leader of the free world ages too? He’s a husband, a father, a politician, and a volunteer. I’m not sure how he finds time to fit it all in, but I’m sure his administrative assistant does.

I hope we can all put our political views on the back burner for a minute and focus on the undeniable humanitarian efforts President Obama has been an integral part of. I mean this is the man who donated all of his Nobel Peace Prize money, a cool $1.4 million, to charity. Obama has also been a supporter of the Eracism Foundation that focuses on eradicating the negative impacts of all types of racism. The programs developed by EF promote cultural diversity, education, historical awareness, and anti-violence initiatives. EF serves as a vital resource between communities impacted by violence and their access to the tools necessary to improve their current situation. Founded in 2006 by Loius Gosset Jr. EF has proven that you don’t have to be around for years on end to change the world. We all know that Obama was the first African American to be elected to the office of the President, but do you know how celebrities like Sting and Alec Baldwin celebrated? By attending charity events of course! One of the largest post-inagural benefits was hosted by the Creative Coalition. Formed to bring together artists and entertainers to learn about pressing issues facing our nation, so they can help inform and influence the communities around them. CC also offers special services to prepare its members in becoming advocates and spokesmen for important causes. Standing up for what you believe in may not always be easy, but who needs easy when you’ve got integrity.

Eracism Foundation Donation

Creative Coalition Donation

So here’s to you President Obama! You were born a Leo so there was never any doubt that you would be a ferocious leader. This is a big birthday for you but I hope you’ve got plenty more big ones left. It’s a good thing giving is ageless because you’ve already shown us that you’re committed to making this world a better place no matter what office you hold.

Week 36-Birthday Week! Day 1-Martha Stewart

Today is the kick off for Scott’s official birthday week, so what better way to celebrate than blogging about it?  I had never really heard or celebrated birthday week until Kristina introduced me to several years back.  It’s great though because it’s a week of whatever you want to eat, no chores, and you are in total control of the remote.  It makes me wish I had a birthday once a month.  So this week is dedicated to all the great birthdays that happen every single day.  Somewhere out there someone is always thankful that a very special birthday.

Happy Birthday Martha!

Would you believe me if I told you today is Martha Stewart’s 70th birthday?  I don’t blame you if you said no, because I didn’t believe it at first either.  Obviously crafts do a body good.  Since she had a little stint in the slammer back in 2005 Martha has made a major comeback, even on the charity front.  In 2006 she gave $5 million to Mt. Sinai’s center for healthy again in New York.  Of course once she made her generous donation, the center was appropriately dedicated as the Martha Stewart Center for Living at Mt. Sinai.  MSCL makes sure that adult seniors have better access to health care resources, and enhance the public perception of aging.  MSCL has proven to be an extremely valuable program to older adults because not only do they treat health problems, they also offer classes and programs designed to help older adults get active and stay active well into old age.  Well if anyone should be backing aging gracefully, Martha is the one.  Martha has always been a big animal lover and supporter, and I’m sure her pups Francesca and Sharkey would testify to that.  Dogs Deserve Better is one of the many pet-friendly organizations that Martha supports.  Founded back in 2002, DDB is on a mission to unchain all of the dogs out there, literally.  Dogs shouldn’t live as prisoners confined to a small area to sleep, eat, play, and do their business.  All dogs deserve to be treated with love and respect, and the chance to exercise and interact with other dogs and humans.  It’s no wonder that Johnny Depp, Candice Bergen, and Robin Williams have joined Ms. Stewart in supporting DDB.

Mount Sinai Martha Stewart Center for Living Donation

Dogs Deserve Better Donation

So here’s to you Martha!  Today is the day your parents welcomed you into the world, and thanked their lucky stars for a beautiful, healthy baby girl.  I know I’m thankful you were born too because otherwise we wouldn’t know how to fold fitted sheets, bake adorable cupcakes, or organize our pantries.  You’ve proven that a heaping cup of dedication, a sprinkling of confidence, a pinch of good old-fashioned charity are the perfect recipe for success.

Words to live by