It's all about the little things…

Money, money, money…

Week 1: charity: water ($10)—best first charity to give to ever

Week 2: American Heart Association ($10)—in tribute of my mother

Week 3: Yellow Bird Project ($25 The National t-shirt to support Safe Place)—love the band and cause

Week 4: Hannah’s Socks ($10)—how could I not donate to such a inspirational little girl?

Week 5: Volunteer Match ($10)—because this is my personal new year’s resolution

Week 6: The V Foundation ($10)—in memory of my grandfather, William Elton Boswell

Week 7: Dachshund Rescue of North America ($10)—for the love of my Oscar, and wine 🙂

Week 8: Operation Smile ($10)—I love to smile!  Smiling is my favorite 🙂

Week 9: American Red Cross ($10)—just started volunteering for ARC and love it!

Week 10: CaringBridge ($10)—because everyone deserves to share their story and heal

Week 11: Friendship Bridge ($10)—because empowering women empowers me

Week 12: Brooklyn Museum Donation ($10)—for my love of Prague and my artistic mum who was there with me

Week 13: Mary Kay Arbor Day Foundation ($10)—because I love makeup and trees!

Week 14: The Lunchbox Fund ($10)—in support of Fuller GT Magnet Elementary and their principal Dr. Chris Scott

Week 15: Nothing But Nets Campaign (&10)—in honor of my friend Rachael and it’s $10 per net!  Fate? I’d say so!

Week 16: Blessings in a Backpack ($10)—for my Editor-In-Chief of my blog, Scott Bowdridge

Week 17: Japanese Red Cross Society ($9.99)—Songs for Japan album rocks!

Week 18: World Hunger Relief ($10)—$1=4 kids, so feeding 40 kids for 10 bucks sounds like a deal to me

Week 19: Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation ($10)—because all cancer is unfair, but childhood cancer is just rude

Week 20: Kiva ($25)—because it’s the gift that keeps on giving.

Week 21: The Dinner Garden ($10)—because growing your own food is important and fun!

Week 22: San Diego Zoo ($32)—a trip to the zoo with my beautiful BFF

Week 23: FEED READ 3 Bag ($25)—I love to read and eat, so it was meant to be!

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