It's all about the little things…

Week 52-The Final Countdown, Day 4-Reunited

So it’s the last night we’re here in good ‘ole NC, and I’m so excited to see all my girls!  I’ve seen a few of them here and there over the past 5 days, but tonight is going to be like a mini-reunion!  There was a group of about 8 of us who were super close in high school, and stayed that way even though we went our separate ways for college.  They are the type of girls that I love with all my heart, and I know that no matter how far apart in distance we are, we’re never more than a phone call away.  We’re all grown up now, or at least we’re suppose to be, but I’m so thankful that we take the time to reunite and reconnect. 

I can hardly stand being separated from my friends, so I can’t even imagine what it must feel like to be parent separated from my child.  Reunite International was created in 1987 to help parents who are trying to navigate through the legal nightmare of international parental child abduction.  They provide information and support to parents, family members, and guardians who have had their child abducted or are afraid their child may be at risk for abduction.  RI is also there to talk to and give practical advice to a parent who may have abducted their own child.  RI is also dedicated to raising awareness about international parental child abduction on a global level.  RI works closely with government agencies and other organizations to formulate quick resolutions that are in the best interest of the children when abduction does occur.  RI is able to provide support to parents when they need it the most.  The closest thing I have to children right now are my dogs, and I would be heart-broken if something were to happen and I was unable to see them on a daily basis. Nowzad Dogs is a charity that was created in order to rescue stray animals in Afghanistan and Iraq that soldiers have come across in their everyday lives.  Afghan and Iraqi dogs and cats spend most of their days just trying to survive.  ND knows they can’t possibly rescue every stray dog in those two countries, so they are also trying to educate the locals on animal welfare.  ND gives hope and new homes to numerous dogs that someone else has just totally forgotten about.  A few soldiers have even been reunited with the animals they took the time to care for and nurture while they were deployed.  I don’t know how anyone could say no to adorable little faces like the ones below.

So cute!

Reunite International Donation

Nowzad Dogs Donation

So here’s to being reunited!  There are very little things that compare to hugging the neck of someone you haven’t seen in way too long.  You can be played every 10 years, or impromptu, but you’re always a chance to catch up on the latest.  Everyday life may try to keep us apart but you will have none of it!  There’s no place like home, and there are no words to tell someone you love how much you’ve truly missed them, cause we’re reunited and it feels so good!

I love a good reunion!

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